April Energy Report: Practice

the union of


Breathe… It is my honour to bring to you another beautiful month in words. This month, a lot of special events are lined up energetically. The focus of the month, “PRACTICE”, it is a month to practice the NOW.

In April, we’re going to learn to Power Practice into the NOW. Since the onset of the month is a Saturday, the key energy we are called to practice is the Power of Prayer.

Prayer is the union of Eternal Light.Imagination.Forgiveness, the beginning of Power, Faith, Love, Gratitude… Prayer is FILLED with Magic and Miracles. It is a way to connect with Eternal Light when Imagination & Forgiveness are in the PRESENCE. This way, when you step into the Presence we are filled with Power, Faith, Love and Gratitude… Reminded that we ARE children of Eternal Light.

We need to learn to ASK in Prayer, with Prayer … This month, the NOW energies begin their work on the planet. This is the first month of the completion of Union of Masculine and Feminine Earth energies and they step into their now roles.

We also have the first expansion of Imagination Power Gratitude: Joy and the first expansion of Forgiveness Faith Love: Clarity stepping into the NOW. Should be very interesting to Practice what we know and give the NOW a chance to experience US (Thought.Emotion.Action) and begin working with us.

It is advised, to choose each day to PRACTICE PRAYER time, with and through the energy of the day and date, it would be fun to journal through the month of April. Practice is personal, it allows each of us to connect with Divine NOW.

This month, CHILDREN and FEMININE energies are the focus of the Masculine. Power and Love … celebrate … Faith and Gratitude. While on Earth, the NOW energy Unions are learning quickly to celebrate their Feminine Now energies. What is very interesting to understand, is that for the first time, we will begin to see the manifest-evolution of the masculine and feminine working together… each creating with each other, the KnewEarth.

On Earth, this means a shift in the dynamics of relationships: All relationships are affected by the NOW energies. More people continue to meet “accept-knowledge or AcKnowledge”, that equality begins with inner clarity of our Divine Wholeness, separated by the fact that we are BORN into FORM … Male or Female… in truth, each one of us are truly, magnificent alchemy of masculine and feminine energies.

The truth is, our understanding of masculine and feminine are “human”, divinely, we’re a combination of both. This truth revealed by the balancing of Power Gratitude & Love Faith, that set the tone and example of recalibrations to follow.

Gratitude is feminine external and Love is her masculine internal and together they are “Gratitude is Us”. The Other part Power is masculine external and Faith is his feminine Internal and together they are “Power is Us”. In the same way, Love is internal masculine and Faith internal feminine and together they are Alchemy. Power is masculine external and Gratitude is feminine external and together they are Embrace.

It will soon become conscious knowledge on the planet, that internally & externally we’re vibrationally designed to be together. So, we’ll learn to accept the truth that we often require DIFFERENT PEOPLE to complete our Internal & External vibrational “thought.emotion.action”, this will cause relationships that are imbalanced to fall apart with a greater purpose of them who are vibrationally matched to be together. A lot of the problem with every relationship that is part of our HUMAN LEARNING… is that ONE partner is the GIVER and the other the RECEIVER of that which is given. In a lot of relationships, this is also refered to as “Compromise”, which is UNHEALTHY for MANIFEST EVOLUTION or the KnewEarth as the foundation is being laid NOW, this year and will continue to expand over the years leading to the next 9 year.

Even the environment is going to live a balanced masculine and feminine. Masculine making it possible for the feminine to create and feel safe creating. Joy and Clarity are standing by to welcome more children into the NOW… there have been a lot of children, praying for relief from social pressures put on their souls too early. While the newer children, born in the year 2011-2016 are far more able to handle pressure… children born between 2000-2010 however, are now succumbing to social demands put on them by institutions and parents alike. Anyway, that too is all set to change with Joy and Clarity in the now, to support and love them through the transition.

We look forward to sharing a whole lot more of the energy stories and shifts that occur each day… see you on each day of the month… as the energies continue to become a part of us … and awaken us to their presence within Us. It must also be told that this month Love and Faith will focus on the next part of “Alchemy of Religion” and Power and Gratitude are going to be energising the Embrace of practical spirituality. Confidence and Wisdom, gift the earth their Evolution now in Union with Manifest.

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