Experience Gratitude is Us with Us Imagination

… Now that is Power!

Yesterday, Love introduced my heart to JOY and CLARITY. “Joy” says He “is the expansion of Power Gratitude in Embrace with Imagination… the Manifest-Evolution or the Fruit of the womb of Gratitude Power.” “Clarity” He continues, “Is the fruit of Alchemy  of Love and Faith with Forgiveness… the Manifest-Evolution, the expression of Love & Faith, the Fruit of HOW.

The focus, “Joy”, inner joy, Joy is a child in his/her fullness… Joy is Masculine and therefore, can be found in the presence of  “Things, Emotions, Actions”. Joy is playful and filled with spontaneous bursts of Gratitude and radiates power imagination. Joy is POWER to be anywhere and still hold the KEY to how the place/people transact with each other. Joy is specially experienced internally, and expressed externally through, “Thoughts, Emotions, Actions” … The greatest joy, is experienced in the presence of a child. Children are all born with a Divine in-filling of JOY that expands into them who surround the child. In the same way, Clarity, is Feminine, she is the fruit of Love & Faith in Alchemy . She is the internal guide, the one who knows HOW. She brings to you, the “ Know-How”  of  understanding and peace (Divine Feminine) and Mercy (Divine Masculine). Clarity is another GIFT a child is born with. Ever notice, the child has Clarity of  thought: Knows how to express, hunger, happiness and need for rest and recuperation. Emotion: Cries when uncomfortable, smiles when understood or spoken to and yawns when ready to sleep. Action: Eats, Sleeps, Poops, Plays, Cries (calls for your attention). Simple.

I don’t know if most humans notice, maybe they don’t when a child is born… the first emotion is JOY… it’s a boy… it is not really about the male… it is the vibration of JOY that fills the heart, home and the presence around the child. Wrongly interpreted humanly for the propagation of Masculine Power on Earth. Remember, Masculine Energy is a combination of  “Imagination, Power, Love, Confidence, Know, Allow, Accept, Manifest” … so , the experiences around a male child. When there it is a girl, the first emotion experienced is CLARITY, the room is surrounded with energies of Forgiveness, Faith, Gratitude, Wisdom, Courage, Knowledge, Abundance, Evolution and so these energies enter the home and hearts of they who surround the child. Yet, with a boy, Clarity naturally becomes the one who serves joy. And Joy serves Clarity. These two are never separate in a child. So, if you know of a family with too many boys, crave a girl. And a home with too many girls crave a boy and it is only natural, because, within the heart of the womb, for the womb to feel complete, both Joy and Clarity must be together. Also, explains, why girls are closer to their Father’s and Boys more at home with their Mothers. This way, they balance out their Divine Joy and Clarity. So.It.Is

Today, as we breathe with Experience Gratitude is Us with Us Imagination, we pray Joy and Clarity be raised in the consciousness of Us. Each one of us, may understand, the inner expressions of joy and clarity. Joy is the inner masculine child and Clarity is the inner Feminine child and both must be nurtured to balance our experience on Earth for the purpose of us to Know-Courage Manifest-Evolution and Embrace the NOW.

Gratitude  is US enables the BODY to BE the TEMPLE/CHURCH that can Embrace the NOW.

Since today is the Finale of the Month of Experiences, I remind you to choose wisely that which you would like to Practice through the Month of April. Will have the energy report up as given unto me, for the month of April, later today. Here’s what they’re telling me… April is a month to Practice our Experiences with Power… so it won’t be a month of Emotions… expect action… much to practice, which you may not even have noticed yet… that were experiences meant to raise your NOW CONSCIOUSNESS!


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