Experience Love with Us Eternal Light

As we close the month, it is time to bring our “experiences” to Eternal Light. On 30 & 31 days, we have the opportunity to choose which of our experiences we’d like to begin “Practice” with Power, 4th month of April of KnewEndings.

Today, just breathe LOVE into every aspect of your life… every choice… don’t judge the choice (we often stop at that) let’s simply take every thought and experience LOVE with Power Faith Love (Himself) and Gratitude of Eternal Light Beginnings.

Today is also the day when LOVE will transmute “thoughts, emotions, actions” and align them for you and with you, so be most honest with yourself. Remember, the world is temporary and so are you ON THE PLANET. To Eternal Light however, you are filled with a spark of him, waiting to return to AcceptKnowledge that you are a Child of Eternal Light, for YOU are seeded in the womb of Forgiveness before you make your choice to be on Earth.

Fascinating, is how, as I write… I am feeling a sense of …. STOP here and Experience the NOW! Right now, LOVE is the experience… each one is feeling… no matter who they are, where they are and when they choose to recognise the NOW, LOVE IS… waiting to Love them back home. Home to their Divine Origins that they may Practice the Divinity in fullness on Earth.

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