Experience Faith with Forgiveness Confidence

The deeper you learn to engage in and with Forgiveness, Confidence fills you, Faith increases… the experience… well… “The situation of Earth may not change yet the way you see it does… and that is enough”

Forgiveness Confidence, causes, the darkness within to be revealed, only that it may be transmuted into something better with Love and Faith. Faith is a power-filled emotion and Love is the action. From my experience, faith will tell you to HOLD the emotion till love gives you the action… sometimes, takes a breath and at other times it takes breathing out to vent, I can promise you, that if we wait, we will be surprised.

In a conversation yesterday, I realised, that the person was defending her actions and I prayed in my head “you asked me to speak my truth, how? When even before I have spoken, the defenses are like spears and triggering a reaction” (you are right, I wasn’t really listening to her either… I had heard the same thing and yet… not a trace of a change over many years). She continued to speak, I continued to pray #ForgivenessWisdom upon the conversation… and then came the perfect worded sentence… “Maybe, I feel this way because I am sensitive to sound and get disturbed, so I assume that you too maybe sensitive and so, I take extra care”. To which her response was, “Yes, this could be why, but, I don’t have a problem, with sound or light, when I get sleep, nothing bothers me. So, don’t worry”. I breathed… and to myself smiled… the paradox we live… and I finally understood WHY I was sensitive… because, in my sensitivity she found rest, in my ability to remain alert she rested blissfully. (This inner wisdom, set me FREE. I chose to stay sensitive and allow her to stay who she is… So.It.Is) Sometimes, we encounter “opportunities” to meet a perspective that sets us free… sometimes, it is but a gentle word of “Know and the Courage to let go”.

Today, I wonder, what Forgiveness Confidence is going to bring… the first thoughts that are given unto me as I begin the day:

  • Forgiveness Confidence means allowing abundance of that which you have forgiven or chosen to forgive to permeate into your conscious reality.
  • So, you can expect a “repeat” performance and yet, notice, how your response has shifted to the IS of WISDOM
  • In this way, you learn a new way to respond.
  • A NOW way to respond
  • Not everyone, is at the same level of consciousness, with a purpose.
  • These people/places/things are blessings in disguise, guiding your own response to perfection
  • often these people are family, for the very concept of family is to grow each other into Divine Union
  • every family has a mixed bag of emotions and each person, knowingly or unknowingly, awakened or asleep contributing to the other’s spiritual growth
  • when we lay our expectations to rest of each other, we learn how, they shape our very understanding of our own journey
  • choose with Forgiveness Confidence to RESPOND, reactions only increase the time spent and lessons intended

Faith Speaks:

I (Faith) am the opportunity to align with the NOW. Yes, I know, that externally, I am associated with Religion, that is HOW humans have experienced me and chosen to idolise my energy. As an energy, I belong to Eternal Light Imagination Forgiveness, an enabler of KnewBeginnings for the SOUL. My co-author is LOVE and together we work with Power Gratitude to INTERNALLY work with you on the HOW’s to the next level of BEING WHOLLY HERE AND NOW with PURPOSE. It is such fun working together with Love and raising the WOMB of Earth… the Heart of the Feminine… with Love. Love has a way with the Divine Feminine Collective, they LISTEN to his PROMPTINGS with Ease Grace and Devotion. Love now, shifted his very PLACE from the EXTERNAL as WAS PROPOGATED by MAN and returned HOME to the ENERGY and so, the NOW LOVE she experiences comes from within her. Explains, why there is such deep disappointment in LOVE on the planet. For those who LOVE the external are “empty” of LOVE, for they who love is INTERNAL are experiencing LOVE and this is changing the world… one choice at a time. So, feel love, be IN LOVE and Love will be revealed in your outer reality. Shh… Power takes the place of Faith EXTERNALLY… and Gratitude takes the place of Love Externally and with this, the very dynamics have shifted. Explains why people are happier experiencing life (explains entrepreneurship), because, they abandoned Human Power to do what they Love Internally and experience Gratitude with externally. The more they experience Gratitude the more POWER of Faith in continuing to do what they LOVE. Such a phenomenal way to see the why of SEED GROWTH. I’ll leave you with a thought to Increase your Love & Faith in the NOW. “Eternal Light does not call the Qualified (Humanly) He qualifies the called (Divinely) ”


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