Experience Power with Forgiveness Wisdom

Forgiveness wisdom, is a power, not many of us choose to indulge in because of fear. The reason why, because, Forgiveness Wisdom is a HEALING of the very FEAR that has held back Power. Power to create… people who pray “Forgiveness in Advance” actually activate WISDOM… and THIS, forgiveness centered wisdom, guides the person to and through, challenges, because Forgiveness Wisdom is POWER to OVERCOME … the PARADOX that lies, between THOUGHT, EMOTION, ACTION. Know-Courage, is to UNDERSTAND, that we can either step into POWER in Human ways, which means having to spend more of our time and effort in RETAINING POWER and doing things, feeling emotions, engaging in actions that keep us in POWER. or the easier way, to Know with Courage, that wisdom is in empowering more people to use power in way that enables them YOU as a VISION of Power… and have the courage to USE the power they hold within them… WISELY.

The problem, with Society today, is few people choose WISDOM… Remember, you become even more powerful, when you raise people with wisdom, forgiveness wisdom into power-filled centers. In this way, by example and testimony, you encourage more people to live in their power and it is a given, when they grow, whether or not you are still around in the flesh, they will know-courage, because you showed them HOW power expands and lives through them.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” … is a wise way to for-give power to them who #choose to #believe and so, they who choose to #believe, #receive… POWER! Here it is important to understand the meaning of Christ and therefore the deep understanding of POWER himself. In Christianity, the Christ[Notes 1] (Greek word Χριστός (Christos) meaning “the anointed one” (wikipedia) and if we stop just there… it is phenomenal energy… breathe it in… savour the meaning… each, who feels a BLESSING to do something to SHIFT perspectives and raise vibrations is CHRISTED… and when you take the first Leap in Faith to do, what you are meant to do, here on the PLANET… you are CHRISTend… given the anointing/blessing to do “Divine Will”… in this way, you connect and work from the “Vibration/Energy/EternalLight” Power… and my experience is, you HAVE to TAKE RELIGION OUT OF IT… to truly EXPERIENCCE DIVINE POWER or as I know and love him so… “the Holy Spirit”… Holy Spirit is the POWER of ETERNAL LIGHT, never been HUMAN to have the same “Temporary Power” … we are so “I’ve got the Power” rangers here on Earth!

This is what makes the Bible Stand Out and Stand Tall… We see the POWER of ETERNAL LIGHT  at WORK in ALL CREATION and THROUGH ALL CREATION… so easily and effortlessly… and all we must do to RECEIVE HIM, is BELIEVE… and to BELIEVE… well… indulge in FORGIVENESS WISDOM… and a whole lot of GRATITUDE!

Many vibrations, that became HUMAN, as I understand Gratitude has NOW, RECEIVE the CHRIST (Anointing) to remember BEING DIVINE FIRST… and when you can HOLD ON TO YOUR “WORD”… Discover your WORD… you LIVE it and BECOME it unto the WORLD.

Here’s the NOW POWER… Each creation will return to the WORD they represent over the period of the KnewEnding year… and for the 9 years that follow this one… well… you BECOME THE “Word” you choose. Most often, because we’re HUMAN and so temporary, we choose words for ourselves… labels of our Human Understanding… Mother, Father, Businessman/woman, successful, rich… all of these are CORRECT for Human Growth and Sustenance… However, the SOUL of you… is a WORD INCARNATE… and in DISCOVERING the ONE WORD, that most aptly describes you… It takes a number of choices … till you get to the ONE WORD… a lot of Experiences, a lot of Practicing the WORD you’ve chosen… before YOU ARE ANOINTED/Christ-ed to BE THE WORD and AS THE WORD experience the WORLD.

It could be true, that the GOD’s we IDOLeyes on the planet, are WORDS first, that incarnated upon the Earth… served their PURPOSE to LIVE IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF CREATOR (Eternal Light) vision, were given a HUMAN name… and we remember the NAME… not the WORD INCARNATED… or the LESSON they have LEFT UNTO US. 

Today, I pray over all of the planet… FORGIVENESS WISDOM… that we all may take one STEP in thought… with Forgiveness Wisdom… and RECEIVE the POWER of the WORD we represent… and even if it is for JUST ONE DAY… fully EXPERIENCE the POWER OF THE WORD.

I chose Gratitude… and here I am… What word comes to your mind for YOU? What word are you choosing to be an INCARNATION OF? How do you see yourself become the word over the years to come… over the months to come… over the weeks to come… over the days to come… over the hours to come…. over the NEXT FEW MINUTES?

I’ll give you a clue… go back to the DAY you were BORN… and you can begin there… Experience Power with Forgiveness Wisdom

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