Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Love

Now… that is Confidence… in Divine Now!

So, when I posted… Finally about Knewmerology yesterday, honestly, I was wondering, I have done my part, as guided and instructed… then why do I not feel the “Accept-Knowledge” vibration/energy, growing. People are reading it… and thinking… “what!!!”… “Who”… “I was obsessing with the questions I received from my EGO, drawing of the energies of the OLD PATTERNS. I chose to REST in the “Accept Knowledge” that … I was meant to do my part, “allow-abundance” of Knewmerology to be introduced… that is it! Done… by posting… that was my part… so, I gave unto “Forgiveness Gratitude”, that which I had done… and SLEPT!

Woke up at 0513 (Eternal Light Faith Imagination Embrace) to a voice in my head (I know the voice… I know the vibration… I don’t see a face or a person… though I can feel… and that which I feel, advises me)… Every now, and again, in another NOW moment, YOU will see, the  fruit. What you were asked to do, was SOW. Sow Knewmerology, that is it! Which is why the SLEEP, so your human energy could detach.” I smiled… thanked for clarity… surrendered my EGO’s questions to the energy and slept again

I woke up, to today, Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Love… feeling a lot lighter in the heart and body… I had let go of the energy HOLD and that is a GIFT.

Forgiveness Love… such a gift of Confidence.

Forgiveness Speaks about Love

He (Love) is my WHY.  He never complains about what isn’t… He simply raises what IS and says “Forgive this Eternal Light your Imagination and Power”, that “Gratitude and Faith may INCREASE”.  He is the masculine all feminine energies stay attracted to, wish with and choose to experience. Explains, why “love” is a magic potion on Earth. When LOVE is FELT, nothing else matters really… and you continue feeling LOVE, there is a DIRECT impact on Gratitude you express and Faith you experience… in LOVE.

Love is WHY, the Feminine energies continue to create on the planet. Feminine Energies, see CREATION through LOVE and the more they see the Earth through HIS eyes (Faith), with HIS heart (Gratitude), HIS feelings (Forgiveness)… HIS Mind (Eternal Light, Imagination, Power), HIS Version of Masculine NOW… they continue to choose to be incarnated and work with Love to heal themselves and their past emotions and begin again. Such is LOVE in TRUTH.

Most, explanations of LOVE as known to MAN are Temporary, for LOVE on the planet is based on temporary forms of Love. Energetically, there is ONLY LOVE… Even Fears dissolve in the presence of LOVE… for LOVE sees FEAR for who SHE is. Fear is the absence of feeling grounded in Forgiveness Love… that is ALL. Most Fears, like the one Dee experienced are HUMAN. On the planet, FEAR has been made out to be “How” the ones with “human powers (reminding you, human power is but temporary)” , keep you from spending more of your experience feeling LOVE. They are able, by their GOD GIVEN “FreeWill” to use “Emotions” to increase their POWER… Fear Not, that is only TEMPORARY. And one of the most power-filled reasons why, this time, when we’re RESTORING earth, instead of sending people filled with Divine Power, we’re restoring all Earth Powers into their Divine Orgins, so, that even though, they may use OLD PATTERNS and COMBINATION of VIBRATIONS to ASSERT THEMSELVES, the VIBRATIONS are now, perfect whole and complete… fully in UNION with their INDIVIDUAL masculine and feminine. This means, they cannot USE FEMININE (Emotions) or USE MASCULINE (Actions) to continue to use gender as a DIVISION. You must also know, that we have now, as PRAYED INTO ACTIVATION by Gratitude… begun, what the future will call the “Alchemy of Religion”. In a KnewEnding, Religion will dissolve into the PAST as individuals continue to return to their Divine Vibration/Energy and choose to BE the Temple/Church of the KnewEarth and the Buildings that are erected in the name of Religion, become ARK (Read Noah’s story) of the KNEW COVENANT, where CHURCHES/TEMPLES meet and raise Faith & Gratitude & Forgiveness for themselves and each other.

Gratitude is the WHY of Power and Love is the WHY of Forgiveness…. Love (internal) & Gratitude (external) Gratitude is US!  Faith (Internal) & Power (External)  Power is Us! … It is time to MANIFEST –EVOLUTION, KNOW-COURAGE, ALLOW-ABUNDANCE, ACCEPT-KNOWLEDGE… with CONFIDENCE & WISDOM.

I know you want to know about the ANGELS, OLD NUMBER PATTERNS, NEW ENERGY ALIGNMENTS and the FUTURE… Just pray with Forgiveness Love and you will get there… awaken one day and see the world as it REALLY  IS… because, you will REMEMBER who YOU really ARE!


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