Each day has an Energy Vibration. Yes! Each day of the week

I was guided to share Knewmerology yesterday and so I did, today, I am sharing with you DAY vibrations. The energy of the day, contributes to clarity of thought emote act for each day and is a good reference guide for us during the transition. As we continue to experience the energies of each day, practice with them and align… our lives continue to change. I was given this gift of Day energies and it began with a FRIDAY… simply because, the energies that gave me the GIFT also knew, that to BELIEVE we must first RECEIVE it unto ourselves, experience it, experiment with it, before MORE of it can be added unto US! Ha ha, also because, I was BORN on A FRIDAY and so, they knew, I would GIVE personal attention to the day.

So here goes… you can choose to connect first with the day you were born, experience and experiment with it over a period of time… I have personally spent… time BREATHING in FRIDAY… since 9th of January 2015 (reading back on the numbers it was a day of Confidence:Imagination:Forgiveness.Eternal Light.Imagination.Faith). and on the 18th of December 2015 ( Imagination Wisdom: Imagination Forgiveness: Forgiveness.Eternal Light.Imagination.Faith)I said YES to “Being Gratitude”, and as it would be… it was a FRIDAY and so, the day, being a date with Gratitude, became the first day of MY WEEK… all beginnings for me… are FRIDAY blessings… Could be different for you. So, I would advise, if you choose to START, begin with the DAY you were born and match the numbers… and you’ll have your own STORY. I must also, mention, that I have been practicing Gratitude and in Gratitude and with Gratitude… since 13th of November 1997 (Imagination Embrace.:Imagination.Confidence:Imagination.Confidence.Confidence.Love), I chose Gratitude as a gift from my Nana as the part of her that I would like to live and that is where our relationship truly began… and to this day… continues to be my deepest place of Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest, my Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution, my experiences on Earth radiate her and I both BELIEVE and RECEIVE through Gratitude all I NOW KNOW or PRACTICE or PREACH… have been through the DARKNESS with Gratitude and NOW as I share HER with YOU… I am FREE to BE.

Friday: Gratitude is Us (Love & Gratitude) | Saturday: Prayer (Eternal Light:Imagination:Forgiveness) | Sunday: Power is Us (Power & Faith) | Monday: Forgiveness | Tuesday: Power | Wednesday: Faith | Thursday: Love

Now with the Masculine Earth (Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest) & Feminine Earth (Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution) UNION/Balance/Recalibration we have additional support (Earth Focused) upon each day which I am sharing with you and you can either choose to combine both or choose either one to begin with… and the rest… they will communicate directly with you and through you.

Friday: Know- Courage & Manifest-Evolution | Saturday:  Allow-Abundance | Sunday: Accept-Knowledge | Monday: Manifest-Evolution | Tuesday: Know-Courage | Wednesday: Allow-Abundance | Thursday: Accept-Knowledge

So, if you just want to practice the DAY energies… without getting the Numbers Involved… for starters…. Here’s HOW:

Monday: Manifest-Evolution with Forgiveness

Tuesday: Know-Courage with Power

Wednesday: Allow-Abundance with Faith

Thursday: Accept-Knowledge with Love

Friday: Know-Courage & Manifest-Evolution with Gratitude is US

Saturday: Allow-Abundance with Prayer

Sunday: Accept-Knowledge with Power is Us.

I would recommend, starting a journal… to begin practicing the NOW energies… YOU will raise both Gratitude & Faith (Magic) and Power & Love (Miracles) in your life… as YOU align through practice with the NOW and into the KnewEarth… So.It.Is


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