Knewmerology: Number Readings Change with the Shift

It is my privilege, to share with you, information on the shift, as more Earth Beings, return to the Divine Vibration/Beginning, this year, the KnewEndingsYear K.E.Y, shifts have occurred to enable the NOW BEGINNING of the KNEW EARTH.

We live in the NEW EARTH, this is not the first time, we’re all meeting each other and co-creating in this time and space, we’ve been here before, we’ve created before, that which we now ENJOY about the planet and we’re back to IMPROVISE with our KNOWLEDGE of WHO WE WERE before we breathed on the PLANET and began living Our Gender/Name/Lineage/Dreams/Purpose and the Paradox of Name/Place/Animal/Thing of History.

As all of creation continues to transition to their BEGINNING, it is Natural that the way, numbers are read and received, will change and in this way, impact the NOW. It is Human to think of “the END”, differently. However, KnewEndingsYear, is all about Energies that have served their PURPOSE, returning to Eternal Light and Divine Energies, taking their Positions in the NOW, to BEGIN AGAIN… There have been 5 beginnings, energetically… this is the 6th time, we’re recalibrating the Earth Energies. Won’t take a genius to understand why. When the Masculine and Feminine Energies are out of balance (which they are right now)… the vibrations return home to Eternal Light, that they may RE-MEMBER (Remember is Masculine Activation El Imagination and Re:Member is Feminine Activation El Forgiveness) and with Power Faith Love and Gratitude are re-seeded (Feminine) into the womb and given a name… this time… Power has chosen “Gratitude is Why”, Gratitude has chosen “Love & Faith is HOW”… all of this has given birth to “Knew Earth” being seeded in the womb (Forgiveness) and because a lot of the Earth Stories are “Number Driven”… we now introduce  to you KNEWmerology. Over the next few months of practicing the NOW vibrations, being shared with you a few more questions will definitely be answered:


For today and because tomorrow the 27th of March is a NEW MOON day… we are introducing the FIRST of the NOW NUMBERS: These numbers are the general number vibrations of each day of the MONTH.

Remember, POWER & GRATITUDE are the EMBRACE… their UNION in ENERGETICALLY is the KnewEnding of this year of ONE (Imagination Embrace) the first month of the YEAR… (check the Archives for “January Energy Report”, if you want to understand the pattern.

Who, What, When, Where, How Much? are questions you should raise with the NEW MOON and allow the NOW energies to begin their work with you… more tomorrow… for NOW… Experience Power is Us with Forgiveness Gratitude and ASK for Divine Guidance to STEP INTO THE NOW!

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