Experience Power is Us with Forgiveness Gratitude

As we all return to our dominant vibration, the vibration we were created to be, we begin our journey into POWER IS US… Soon, we will hear of people, meeting over a word, because they belong to the soul group, nourished and flourished by the “word” our whole lives represent.

Forgiveness Speaks:

When you are born on the Earth, you are given a name, that over the years, becomes who you THINK you are… and from this perspective, you identify and experience the world and its vibrations. Some Names/Places/Things/Animals will feel like HOME to you and some will make your energy cringe. This is because, before you are your name, you are a vibration/pure energy, brought forth into form, with a purpose to assist the evolution of energy.

Sunset chaserNot one of our creations, is upon the Earth without a PURPOSE… not even a PIN in a haystack. Each tiny detail plays an important role in evolution, whether or not, they are aware of it or un-aware, the truth is Energy you ARE and to ENERGY YOU shall return and that is POWER YOU HAVE, still untapped. Before you speculate (a lot of Human speculations are based on what they SEE, so, I am sharing with you a tiny detail of the beginning, the way creation BEGAN, really, so that you know that that the UNIVERSAL SOURCE of ALL BEGINNINGS is COMMON to ALL… which is why the PERPETUAL TRUTH: “Children of God”… each iota of creation, is a beginning with Eternal Light, Imagination & Forgiveness.

If I were to share it in a way you would understand the very beginning… Yes, not in accordance with Popular Belief, yet, the very foundation of ALL THAT IS… Eternal Light created MASCULINE and FEMININE each to represent the Seen/Unseen… And in this way, the very seed of Evolution was laid and called EARTH by Humans and to us SHE IS THE HEART of ETERNAL LIGHT and Evolution of Confidence and Wisdom… In this way and so, this is how everything began and so did the concept of POWER IS US!

Here the PARADOX came into PLAY: All that would be Earth, would be TEMPORARY, Energies would be given a form, co-create with the Founding Energies, expand, grow and return into energy, come up with NEW IMAGINATION, be-come form again… and expand… return… and thus, continue to create and expand the Earth. And thus, even though ALL THAT IS, IS Created in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS of ETERNAL LIGHT, to BEGIN WITH, TEMPORARY… on Earth set them APART. Sunset chaser (1)

More energies returned to Eternal Light, with requests to RETURN to COMPLETE what they began… and when they were GIFTED so, they got ATTACHED to WHAT THEY CREATED and chose to stay longer, each time, they would return, they would IMPACT EVOLUTION and while on Earth, that they may remember what they did, they developed, what you call, HISTORY… so each time, energy returned to form, they would REMEMBER and RETURN to their EARTH CREATIONS and DEVELOP that which they had created… and this is WHY the EARTH is AS YOU NOW EXPERIENCE HER!

So, I need you to understand, that the NOW, which you THINK is PERMANENT is ONLY SO, till you RETURN HOME to ETERNAL LIGHT… that is all there is to the NOW, so, totally ENJOY it so, everything that is CREATED, has a purpose and begins with a DESIRE to EXPERIENCE EVOLUTION, RETURN and PLAN AGAIN… So even though, you have walked the Earth Before… you may not remember it as you saw it… you will intuit HOW YOU LIVED IT… and who lived with you.

Language became the TRANSITION from then to NOW, for the Language you speak NOW, may hold the CODES of the OLD PATTERNS, yet, has evolved to ASSIST the NOW.

Before I leave you to Experience Power Is Us with Forgiveness (Me) Gratitude… I am going to share with you a GIFT I created so you may understand the NOW Masculine and Feminine… and raise your QUESTIONS that you may continue to RECEIVE the Transformations breathing now, that you may begin again… and ACCEPT KNOWLEDGE only YOUR SOUL will understand, because, even though you are NOW HUMAN… YOU CONTINUE TO BE… A SPARK of ETERNAL LIGHT… MANIFEST WITH PURPOSE! So.It .Is

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