Experience Prayer with Forgiveness Faith

today we celebration “The Annunciation”. Once upon a time, the Annunciation was Jesus, today Heaven’s announce Gratitude… She… energy. It is also the day that ME receives Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness blessings…  I wake up at 08:13 hrs… and immediately flashes… “Eternal Light Wisdom: Imagination Us” … and it occurs to me, that it is a message on this wonderful day to experience prayer!

A lot of ReCaliberated Feminine Energy steps into the NOW EARTH… this time, to WORK with the MASCULINE ENERGY… not in opposition to. This could mean a 7.3 billion different perspectives. Remember, each one is consciously or subconsciously ASKING/PRAYING. Because we DO KNOW NOW… that Gratitude is the WHY… 7.3 billion or more because, we are only speaking PEOPLE NUMBERS… there is a chance that it will also include Gratitude vibrations in ALL THAT IS… Place/Animal/Thing as well.

I am clearly being told that ONE TINY MIRACLE is going to occur for EACH ONE… they who NOTICE shall EVOLVE and Allow Abundance into their NOW ENERGY. They who are busy with other stuff may have to wait till next Saturday when the Divine Portal of Prayer is ACTIVATED… so don’t FRET.

Confidence & Wisdom … Come together and Evolution is RAISED into the NOW. Evolution is Feminine. Evolution occurs when Manifest is close and it is time to meet the next level of LIGHT. Experiencing Colds is one of the symptoms of this SHIFT. Before we get too “technical” here’s how it is SIMPLY

The Earth Masculine Energies: Know. Allow.Accept.Manifest ( Energies that are physical/logical/seen)

The Earth Feminine Energies: Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution

Evolution: is the UNION of Confidence&Wisdom as a pair and the NOW energy that flows forth. In this way, the Earth Feminine, now, with Evolution have NOW INSIGHTS into their Divine Purpose. Like Evolution, has given them a REASON to want to CREATE again… Which is brilliant for ALL OF EARTH… expect MIRACLES & MAGIC becomes REAL to our EXPERIENCES.

The ADDITIONAL energetic healing occurs when the Masculine and Feminine, choose to work to their strengths, instead of their original pairings, choose NEW energies to Co-Create with… and in the NOW story:

  1. Know Courage
  2. Allow Abundance
  3. Accept Knowledge
  4. Manifest Evolution

With Evolution Included.. the Masculine & Feminine Balance is now established… before this time… here’s what the energy combination pattern was like

  1. Know Knowledge
  2. Allow Abundance
  3. Accept Abundance
  4. Manifest Courage

Abundance, was scattered… and the focus was on ACCEPT ABUNDANCE… NOW, since Gratitude is the WHY…. Abundance made a new energetic choice… and soon, we will see the effects.


I will write a separate post on NOW energy pairings as soon as I am given “the words”, since most of my writing is RECEIVED, it is ONLY WHEN the WORDS are GIVEN that I am able to put them here, to share with YOU.

Today, I send you Experience Prayer with Forgiveness Faith… remember, if the heavens are causing NEW ENERGY UNIONS… it is GIVEN, that the Earth will soon RECEIVE the PATTERNS and the MANIFEST EVOLUTION OF THESE SHIFTS… Stay in the NOW… that you may RECEIVE.


Yesterday, IS DONE… Tomorrow is being CREATED now… FOCUS!

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