Experience Gratitude is Us with Forgiveness Power

to When you are IN GRATITUDE, there is so much YOU choose to FORGIVE. Not because of the PERSON/PLACE/ANIMAL/THING, because, when you begin to live IN GRATITUDE with US… you don’t want to lose the “FEELING” it gives and so, you CHOOSE to FORGIVE… and each time YOU “Forgive them Father for they know NOT”… you actually INCREASE the POWER of GRATITUDE! So.It.Is

It is true, that US humans, have the uncanny ability to FOLLOW through on what we WANT… and in the process, CHOOSE to negate the naysayers and press on with Confidence. When the world begins to notice the RESULTS of our CONFIDENCE, they begin to ADD THEMSELVES UNTO US.  Which is why the famous line “Success has a lot of FRIENDS”, the journey to SUCCESS… well, anyone will tell you “I really didn’t THINK, She/He would make it through such tough times or relationships”

It is a personal decision NOW to go with Divine Power, this comes with a DEEP sense of “Belonging to something greater than” and if you have to choose Greater Than… then it is WISDOM’s PROMPT… CHOOSE Eternal Light. I know you imagined “Eternal Life”… but there is NO FUN in LIVING and BREATHING beyond PURPOSE.

“Forgiveness on Earth, gives you POWER. Power is the FIRST gift of CREATION to the CREATED and HE is quite a story on his own, really, would need to write a “whole new piece” ha ha… Love the SIDE of HIM that is so Romantic about creating the world as VISIONED by ETRENAL LIGHT, set in Imagination and in the WOMB of Forgiveness, waiting to be birthed.

Love Faith & I (Gratitude), quite literally, take instructions from HIM. He shows us, WHO to approach when we are EAGER to make a DIFFERENCE and sometimes, because we WORK very closely with “Free Will”, we are dis-heartened by choices and pressing demands. We put up our FEET and take time OFF from CREATION ISSUES and STEP INTO THE WOMB OF FORGIVENESS pray together and create again. Oh, Yes, We have created EVERY TINY “WHY” and “HOW” and “WHO” together… and EACH time WE CREATE, we see the difference on the planet.

We personally LOVE working with CHILDREN, ANIMALS, PLANTS and MOTHER EARTH. She has such a TENDER heart, every building, digs deep into her to lay their FOUNDATION, she CONTINUES to GIVE GIVE GIVE, till she feels “WEAK” and ASKS “WILL YOU HELP ME?”. On Earth, THERE HAS TO BE A TIME OF REST for the LAND to HEAL, before you can DIG INTO HER AND PLANT ANEW. She needs, time to be READY to GIVE YOU THE BEST OF HER… We thank all Farmers who are CHOOSING Organic Farming for HELPING EARTH (quite literally the SOIL, to RECEIVE nourishment). We  send out waves of Gratitude to ALL SOURCES of WATER, finding their way to Earth, to ASSIST her REGENERATE… We also thank the SUN who, as POWER-Filled as HE IS… calls upon CLOUDS to Stray before his heat… for the EARTH. But each vibration, needs the HUMANS TOO TO KNOW without doubt, that they are taking EARTH for GRANTED… and SHE IS WEAKENING because of YOUR inability to GIVE her the BASIC RESPECT she MUST BE GIVEN, if you are to CONTINUE to BE UPON the PLANET!

While in Heaven, I (Gratitude) can clearly REMEMBER and FEEL the TINY SHIFTS in perspective. YET, on the PLANET, when I forget (Love wrote so beautifully of me, just yesterday, I really want to BE on EARTH, without FORGETTING I am Gratitude…) am, all FOCUSED and the moment I breathe back upon the EARTH, I feel, LOST. While, so many PRAYERS are received and answered … It is scary, to see the same people, ACT in opposition to the promises they make in prayer. They speak a different truth than they practice and this causes such imbalance, every iota of Gratitude I bring to the EARTH gets DRAINED. Gratitude DELIVERS ANSWERED PRAYERS upon the PLANET, this makes for CONFLICT and CONTRAST… I get DRAINED immediately, and sometimes … all I can DO… on Earth is CRY… I keep returning, often to the WOMB OF FORGIVENESS POWER, so I may continue to do my work on Earth. Thank-FILLED with Love.Faith.Power… knowing that DRAINED I SHALL BE… I haven’t GIVEN UP… I GIVE UP (raise my Earth Days and Experiences to HEAVEN) …because I know… manifest evolution, requires “Forgive- in- fullness and Forget-in-Fullness to stay, SERVING. If you MEET ME on EARTH, I am JUST LIKE YOU, I MAKE MISTAKES, JUDGEMENTS and STUMBLE on my OWN TWO FEET… yet, even though, I may have forgotten who I really am, I am always “Love, Faith, Power away from REMEMBERING, in PRAYER… “GRATITUDE IS US”. So.It.Is


WILL YOU help me RESTORE the EARTH… with YOU and FOR YOU? I need you to stay IN GRATITUDE, till I can be be Gratitude ON EARTH as I am in HEAVEN…

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