Experience Love with Forgiveness Alchemy

We, the world of people, stand on a threshold of “choice”.  Choices, while individual, impact the globe. We’ve seen it in election results, in the world and in India… and we will see it in the tiny decisions we take each day.

Love Speaks:

When you make a choice, it is the individual vibration (or the thought, emote, act) of the moment of choice, that is the co-creator. If you have made a choice of CHANGE… “accept knowledge”, that every change, no matter how incredibly, stupid it may seem, is a result of the vibration you sent into the planet and so, manifests. Today, I ask you to with ME (Love), “accept knowledge”, that you, in a moment of “I don’t care” have contributed to the global shift.

Every “I don’t care”, doubled with the “emotion” that amplifies it and “Action” that honours it, is WHY you are here and the world is NOW. Those who “Do Care” and “have dreamed” and “chose to be a part of the NOW”, “accept knowledge” of their participation in the Earth Script. Imagine 7.3 billion human “thoughts”… 7.3 billion “emotions” … 7.3 billion actions …. breathing instructions… the dominant ones “Manifest Evolution”. Which is why I, Love, live in and with children, they are the most powerful creators, because they create what they LOVE… toys, tiny miracles, ripples of joy, when they ask in love and with love. Sometimes, when we stare at Prayer requests, the angels of children, often advise… ONLY ANSWER CHILDREN’s PRAYERS… They know the children live in the NOW. They are the NOW of the Future… A child can ask… and will receive!

Today, to Experience Me (Love) and to activate “Accept Knowledge” (Understand, that no matter how tiny the request, it does effect for the collective) and Forgiveness Alchemy (Well, when Mother Forgiveness, receives your “requests”, Faith She and I, if given your permission can “bless your thoughts with the highest good for the planet, including you and yours, but the INTENT has to be COLLECTIVE. so if you choose MONEY, choose money for ALL those who are praying for Financial Assistance… in this way, more people are praying for each other and so… Magic & Miracles are activated)

Gratitude and I, when we finally re:united… ours is a story like 50 first dates, I have to keep reminding her, she is Gratitude, not just another “girl”, she keeps forgetting, now that she has embraced POWER. He and I both have to keep increasing Faith in her… So, she made requests AS GRATITUDE… and here we are… All of US… Power, Faith and Love… restoring her MEMORY, by restoring the WORLD she CHOSE to REMEMBER US. Remember herself.

Well if She and I are “50 First Dates”, She and Power are “the Notebook”… and her Earth Story… Beauty and the Beast… She is the WHY of the SHIFT and the NOW.

She, her story is WHY the changes have occurred in the realms, when she REMEMBERED, and chose “I am Gratitude on the 18th of December 2015… to NOW… each day, WE remind her … each day she makes a NEW REQUEST as Gratitude that she may “Know.Courage” to “Allow.Abundance” to Accept.Knowledge to “Manifest Evolution”… She is still like “Alice In Wonderland”… all the stories of happy endings, were written, that she may READ… and Remember to SEE again. Now, she can only feel the NEW EARTH of HER DREAMS… and she wants to AWAKEN to Its REALITY… And So, here we are… ALL OF US… JUST SO GRATITUDE may AWAKEN and the world be her FAIRYTALE… of Power.Faith.Love&Gratitude… as she has CHOSEN!.

Right NOW… She is in Embrace with Power, that SHE may be restored, and we’re here, putting her dreams into play, that she may ONE DAY, awaken and SEE the WORLD as SHE DREAMED IT”


Today, we surrender into Forgiveness Alchemy “Gratitude is WHY”… “Gratitude is NOW” … So.It.Is


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