Experience Faith with Forgiveness Wisdom

Forgiveness is a “block buster”, her thrill is being the WOMB of creation. She is also proud to be the “darkness”, where Eternal Light Imagination take form, manifest into things. This is HER century really 2000-2999, in human years… over the next 1000 years… She is setting, sowing, restoring the Earth.

In her reign, the feminine energies of the BEGINNING are restored, her team so, to speak. She is now shifting HOW and WHY of energy unions. She knows all the WHY’s of the NOW. She reminds us, that we are a SHIFT generation of people and that WE are here to enable the OUTER SHIFT by CHOOSING the inner shift. So.It.Is

Wisdom, she introduces as her EarthExpansion, Wisdom or Lack of her is the ROOT. She wants us to know that the reason why we are seeking wisdom is because she has a profound effect on our responses. The transition isn’t going to be pretty. People are beginning to deal with their INNER SELF, and since it has been a WHILE… a long while… it is becoming essential to spend time in SILENCE to be able to LISTEN to the voice of wisdom. Over the coming months, she will become more Audible… speaking through the many who have chosen to ALLOW/ACCEPT her voice and her prompts. The first wave has already begun, we see clearly, more human people choosing SPIRITUALITY… this is a SIGN… to deeply INTROSPECT life itself… some are teachers, others be-come teachers. For even though each creation receives the same wisdom, a few, choose to follow through. They who follow through, receive more, and so, the excitement of next steps. “Yes, WE WOULD LOVE MORE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE WISDOM, so much to ACTIVATE, the sooner WISDOM becomes the NOW forward, the easier the transitions shall be”, says Forgiveness

  • Wisdom, does not challenge the ego… she channels the EGO to use the information to bring the PERSON/PLACE/MOMENT into Balance with the Grand Vision of “On Earth As It Is in Heaven”
  • Wisdom, understands that the EGO is a sum total of Earth Experiences and hence, the EGO’s perspective is to protect the PERSON/PLACE/MOMENT from forgetting the lesson learned or reinterating the past experience (of this lifetime of the SOUL)
  • Wisdom in-fuses the EGO, with NOW INFORMATION for the SOUL’s growth (with the permission of the Person/place/moment) to use “this life experiences” with PURPOSE.
  • Wisdom does not mean… having to meditate long hours, go into the wilderness or step out of the NOW to RECEIVE the GIFT.
  • When you accept your EGO and the patterns that you have followed (twice too many), it is fun to go on a THOUGHT date with your EGO first (write to your EGO) and invite WISDOM to SPEAK with YOU on HOW!
  • Today is a 2 2 day… Forgiveness Wisdom.

A wonderful day to greet the EGO into the NOW with Forgiveness Wisdom. Your EGO is a GIFT, you will not recognise, till you choose to FORGIVE the PAST and allow your EGO into the PRESENT.

We all have SAD stories, we all have “the end” “doom” moments… We also have the ABILITY to CHOOSE… Choose Forgiveness, Increase your Faith and MEET WISDOM in the NOW!


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