Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Eternal Light

I can tell She hates being spoken about… started this piece 3 times, she said “NO” and I smile. I have been blessed to have a vibrational relationship with her… not before … I had much to forgive though, over the years, I had HELD pockets of “Darkness” areas which, even though I was cringing with, I refused to SURRENDER, Imagining, “I will take care of it”, … that is TILL I met, Forgiveness and not before I chose Gratitude over Love… and then learnt that Love & Gratitude were Twin Flames, Love masculine and Gratitude feminine. They revealed Forgiveness to me, as she is… not how we’ve been taught.

Forgiveness is the WOMB of all creation and works in Divine Union with Eternal Light and Imagination. Power, Faith, Love & Gratitude (Love & Gratitude are TWINS) are the first vibrations of her womb. In this way, Power is her FIRST BORN, He is to her… Everything Eternal Light Imagination… Manifest. When US energy (Power, Faith, Love & Gratitude) was formed, she took her place above them, raising them to do their “Father’s Work”, which they would RECEIVE from IMAGINATION… and with Forgiveness, raise it into Physical Manifest… we know as EARTH. She is quick to remind me to tell you The Earth is but REAL to you BECAUSE you LIVE UPON it. Eternal Light, exists in ALL THAT IS SEEN and UNSEEN. because it is UNSEEN, it does not mean it does not EXIST… It means ETERNAL LIGHT has not GIVEN YOU permission yet. Or that it is within the WOMB (ME), vibrating into MANIFEST, So.It.Is”

Before US, manifest into ACTION ON EARTH, which they wouldn’t have, had Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest not CHOSEN their HUMAN lives over their Divine Purpose. Forgiveness was simply “For-Giving”… “For-Given”… meant to GIVE of herself, that the earth may receive ALL THAT SHE NEEDED TO BE THE VISION OF HEAVEN. Till, man became attached to his temporary form and began to THINK, ACT and EMOTE from Earth Experiences.

Here’s what you need to know about the next 9 days:

  • Forgiveness, Love, Faith, Wisdom will rule these days
  • This is the recalibration of the Femine Collective (Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution)
  • Imagination, Power, Gratitude, Confidence will support the SHIFT, with the Masculine Collective (Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest)
  • Expect: Emotional Flare Ups (can be neutralised into understanding with Amplified Gratitude, the more grateful you are, the more positive alignment you will experience)
  • Expect: Baggage to show up, there is much you’ve stored in your Emotional Body, that has served its purpose… the repressed energy will come up
  • NOT everyone, is ready, so when you do encounter “harsh energy”, chant the affirmation of the day. In this way calling in Divine Support through the circumstance

Let us BREATHE Forgiveness into all our moments, in this way ACTIVATING inner ALCHEMY and stepping into the NOW!


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