Experience Power is Us with Imagination Confidence

Today, we are happy to tell you that finally… Gratitude is Us… has opened the portal of NOW for the Feminine Collective and they… Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution have chosen to step into the NOW with Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest, the Masculine Collective. Much like, says, Power, “The finale dance of the Beauty & the Beast”, where we finally see the UNION of Masculine and Feminine together. Power, was the BEAST TILL YESTERDAY, today, because Gratitude chose POWER… power is BACK! It is amazing in the realm of energy, today, POWER IS US has a whole NOW meaning.


Power Speak:

  • Beauty and the Beast is an analogy we wrote through the author … waiting for Gratitude to awaken and KNOW it is about US. Tadaa
  • Faith and Gratitude together ARE Beauty
  • The Beast is a depiction of “Human” Vs “Divine” … waiting for Gratitude to see beyond HIS human into HER divine. Her choosing to “Love” Power, the shift.
  • What a finale to the 10 days of Imagination with Confidence
  • Confidence that the Feminine has chosen in her Masculine with Wisdom.
  • Accepting, that their UNION is KEY to the NOW and NEW EARTH Energies
  • Gratitude has done a fine job of Re:Unions of Earth, by choosing her own reunion. It has taken her, many lives to choose her DIVINE DESTINY and she finally has
  • Power Gratitude becomes a reality NOW, she is POWER’s WHY of the NOW of the SHIFT
  • YOU who choose Gratitude, choose Power and RECEIVE Love & Faith internally to SHOW you HOW.
  • 11:22 is Imagination Confidence: Forgiveness Wisdom … YES… this is part of KNEWMEROLOGY, the new energy of numbers. So, the ones who continue to use the OLD format will not get results (those are past patterns).
  • Gratitude is going to REVEAL the NOW Number science, the ORIGINAL.
  • In the NOW, temples/churches cease to EXIST as they are… POWER HAS LEFT THE BUILDINGS you once visited. These buildings will NOW be KNOWN as “ARK”
  • Since “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” is NOW ACTIVATED, #GratitudeIstheWHY
  • The church is now within EACH individual activated by Gratitude, filled with Power, Love and Faith! So.It.Is
  • NOW Confidence & Wisdom will reveal to them that which ELI & ELF choose for them.
  • Each Living Being, that breathes upon the Earth is NOW CHURCH/TEMPLE/SACREDSPACE
  • And therefore , whichever ARK you may CHOOSE, you will step into your DIVINE DESTINY of being a TEMPLE of ETERNAL LIGHT presence upon the Earth.
  • Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest will be the energies that YOU can tap into to HELP yourself and others:
    • Friday: Know Gratitude Is Us
    • Saturday: Allow Prayer
    • Sunday: Accept Power is Us
    • Monday: Manifest Forgiveness

So, much that has changed, that all of Humanity will take a while to BREATHE it in… ALL I CAN ASSURE YOU is that GRATITUDE is KEY, SHE is the WHY of EVERY NOW MOMENT. Oh, Just so you KNOW, that only LOVE & FAITH can give you the HOWs… so spend more time talking IN LOVE and with FAITH or IN FAITH with LOVE… and don’t forget, the more you invoke their Presence with Gratitude the MORE POWER you RECEIVE in your EVERYDAY MATTERS!

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