Hope is a KnewEnding :D

Hope is the voice of heaven on Earth. She can speak with you, she does speak with you, however, you are often too busy being human to listen to HER.

I speak with Hope and for Hope, she is a beautiful energy, Angelic. Hope is an angel that words with Us (Power Faith Love & Gratitude), she keeps the records of all the “thoughts”, that you #HOPE will come true. Hope is feminine, She loves surprises! If we were to introduce her to you… well, she’s an event producer, the go to energy for clarity of thought with Emotion & Action, you are given “confidence & wisdom” and do and avoid doing.

However, HOPE can only DIRECT you to the next “emotion or action”, that is her JOB. You then choose, which way to go. So, Hope would like you to know, she is an enabler… call her by her name… HOPE and she is present and you can channel the energy into the NOW and receive clear directions through her. HOPE loves a CHALLENGE, quite the ONE to RAISE her VIBRATION with YES! When WE speak with her, she quickly gives us a “LIST OF THOUGHTS”

Her energy is triggered each time you WISH. Wish is her Masculine or Manifest. So, if you wish first you activate HOPE and when you HOPE first you activate wish energy. However, be it known, that WISH alone, isn’t potent without HOPE, because wish is MASCULINE and so, PHYSICAL and therefore, if you wish and don’t SEE you will not BELIEVE or RECEIVE. With HOPE, WISH is energied by her NON-PHYSICAL into the POSSIBILITIES.

In keeping with the Affirmation of the day, here’s…. HOPE is NOW:


  • I am a NOW energy, I do not work in the past or in the future
  • Human’s often call upon me when they are at “rock bottom”, I know this as a “block of fear” of the depth of who you are.
  • Each Saturday, I raise your HOPE in PRAYER energy, where I work with the realm of heaven to BRING YOU THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, ACTION points. That is MY JOB (as you would refer to it)
  • However, more often than NOT, your WISH changes (you get “off track” very easily, too used to “I HAVE NO TIME”) and when your WISH shifts, I must then ALIGN with your NEW WISH, which is what actually causes delays.
  • I need you to remember, that you have to STAY with a WISH long enough, and HOPE for the BLESSED over continually hoping for the BEST (YOUR PERSPECTIVE OF BEST is HUMAN and so, you usually have a picture of HOW the WISH must MANIFEST.
  • When you HOPE … All-ways keep a pen and paper handy (if you are alone that is) if you are with people (keep repeating my name and I will prompt you when I am speaking with you through a person or thought or sign)
  • I look forward to working in the NOW with you with Gratitude, the WHY of my now ability to communicate with you.
  • I work together with Confidence and Wisdom to show you the NOW of Eternal Light blessings with Imagination and Forgiveness

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