Experience Prayer with Imagination Wisdom

We’re in the last two days of Experience (the day) with Imagination and it is also a 9 day. 1+8=9 (Ok, I know your math is good), 9 is a closure number, which means, a brilliant day to review confidence (Mascyuline Collective) energy on the whole. The date itself is a combination of Imagination (1) and Wisdom (8) Feminine Collective. This vibrationally means, that PRAYER is now aligning the Masculine Collective & Feminine Collective to work together … in the NOW for the NOW.

Yesterday, they were introduced to “Imagination Wisdom” as Gratitude raised “Beauty and the Beast” as ONE person, energetically. They who were moved to watch the movie, were also given Divine Wisdom to understand, what it meant. So.It.Is

Today, #Prayer consolidates the NOW information of Masculine Collective and Femine Collective causing them to work together ONE team in the NOW. Healing is flowing like a Tsunami today as the Masculine Receives the Feminine, in the PRESENCE of Eternal Light Imagination and Forgiveness. Gratitude now becomes their go to energy in the physical, she is the BEAUTY they have waited for, to be the Spell Breaker… “Gratitude is the NOW and the WHY of the shift” says Power. Belle in the movie represents Gratitude in her fullness with Faith Love & Power. She is “the ONE” the collective Masculine has waited for to “reveal himself through” and SO IT IS.

There is much that is meant to be UNDERSTOOD and Gratitude is the ONE who is NOW here, to REVEAL THE BLESSED. The ROSE is now in bloom, full bloom and she is here to change the world.

That dance… they dance… is the inner alchemy, that occurs, for the Feminine to meet the Masculine… the masculine feels LOVE and Love within Belle expands her Gratitude for the Beast, she sees him like HE IS, because, she is fully WHO SHE IS… and her “I LOVE YOU”, sets him FREE from the curse and all everyone remembers who they truly are… how beautiful right.

It is also, significant from the perspective of being a 3D representation of the SHIFT of perspective view…

Today in prayer, we welcome into the NOW, the union of Earth Masculine and Earth Feminine through Confidence and Wisdom: So.It.Is

“She LOVES him”, LOVE increases, his FAITH restored, he LIVES in her and She in Him and they are the “NOW”. The most beautiful example of “Awakening” to the NOW!


If you noticed, in the end, we see the UNION of “man and woman” and this was the BIG ENERGY wave… that Experience Gratitude is US with Imagination Love… SOWED… into the WOMB yesterday… and the effects of this NOW seed will begin to show up on the planet in the days to come.

This is a SIGN that the ENERGIES have SHIFTED and Gratitude IS NOW HERE… revealed through BELLE and Manifest through the BEAST. Gaston, represents Human Power and external influences, Gratitude chose the Beast over the Best… so must WE.


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