Friday 17th March 2017: Experience Gratitude is Us with Imagination Love

 God made you as you are on purpose.

He gave you your looks, your height, your skin color, your personality.

Nothing about you is by accident.

You didn’t get overlooked.

You didn’t get left out.

God calls you His masterpiece.

I woke up to this post on Facebook… and I felt every iota with it. Learnt something fascinating while I read it with… our daily affirmation! #Wisdom speaks through the energy of Imagination Love. Experiencing Gratitude is Us, is the foundation of all that we “believe & receive” and so, She, Wisdom, is reminding us, that to Imagine Love is the deepest cleansing of our being… allowing US (Unlimited Spirit) to flow forth in- to- through our energy into our being.


Wisdom speaks of Imagination Love and their effects on the NOW

  • Ground your Imagination in Love and the world will feel Blessed.
  • With  them, comes the ability to CROSS-OVER from the past into the present and yes, if you work with Imagination Love consistently, you may be given a glimpse or two of the future.
  • The future is dynamic, the future will change in perspective of the NOW of your Imagination
  • The thoughts of LOVE are more potent than thoughts of lack of LOVE


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