13th March 2017: Experience Forgiveness with Imagination Embrace

This morning I woke up at 09:29 according to Knewmerology (will share a post soon on this) the numbers “Eternal Light Confidence:Forgiveness Confidence” and the day energy to affirm: Experience Forgiveness with Imagination Embrace

I keep on repeat fumbling on the affirmation, usually I feel grounded into the now when I wake up and affirm. Forgiveness:Imagination, I felt moved to write… training to be a vibrational medium is getting stronger, so I guessed it was time to open my diary and write… and the energies took over… what is written in the diary is some very powerful and relevant information.

  • about the recent “Elections”, “Drunk in Human Power”, “Manipulated by Human Power”, tell the people not to worry, their prayers for God to step in “HAVE been heard”.
  • Imagination spoke for the first time, “they are only seeing what they have chosen for the masses to see”
  • Know, HE says, “Gratitude is the WHY”, they have been GIVEN that which they have asked for, POWER to BE the difference
  • Their VISION is LIMITED though and their interpretation of POWER is FLAWED
  • Forgiveness: “For you, who have prayed, are receiving “inspiration” to detach from their Power and Step into your INNER POWER, THIS IS THE AWAKENING, the greatest EXAMPLE of “thoughts become things”
  • “You are called to a deeper conversion of POWER, humanity breathes NOW and so, instead of breathing in their “communication”, step into PRAYER and breathe Divine Power, the POWER of Gratitude, that you have a CHOICE and the CHOICE IS NOW”, to intend, Divine Power over Human Power and experience “detachment & dissolving”
  • Detachment of effects on your Energy of Human Power and Dissolving of the Fear you are been drawn in to experience
  • Embrace: is the NOW energy of POWER GRATITUDE with Imagination ( the greatest why of the affirmation of this day: WITH IMAGINATION EMBRACE) So.It.Is
  • “I am the WOMB of CREATION” says Forgiveness, “It is wise NOW, to seek refuge in ME. That you may be RE:Sown into the NOW of the WOMB. Yes, it will be dark for you to begin with, since your “I’s” have been trained to SEE the external world, yet, be it known unto you, that the womb is illuminated by ETERNAL LIGHT supply and vision and so, you WILL EXPERIENCE EMBRACE. So.It.Is
  • Imagination says: Amen (feels, wonderful to feel Amen this way)

Power Speaks:

I am not who they CLAIM I am, they are Human and so is their POWER. They must not forget that… and if they do, which they have, they will create “temporary Gratitude”, temporary Gratitude serves their PRESENT interests and as they ACHIEVE, these interests become their Graves. Fret not, sayeth I, for I am not the Power they worketh from, their power is rooted in their “Human Sense”, they have yet, to experience Divine Power, for them who they speak of, have returned long before this day to their “Sacred Root- Eternal Self” and so, the idols they claim to worship are but their own creation, powered by their “know-manifest” of human dimensions, they have dug their own graves and shall soon come to their senses, when their answered prayers ELEVATE them on PEDESTALS of dust. None who are in POWER have COURAGE ABUNDANCE KNOWLEDGE of EVOLUTION. They are REAPING that which their ANCESTORS have ASKED and so, have NO IMAGINATION of the DIVINE ORDER of their WHY or HOW, they are drunk in celebration and their words are but as shallow as they. “Know-Manifest”, the energies that created the Earth from Thought to Thing, have now been GIVEN, KNEW-IMAGINATION, that the MIND of MAN will be transformed, for that which he has received, he forgets to express GRATITUDE and because he forgets GRATITUDE, she is NOT OBLIGED TO continue assisting them. Without Gratitude, I , Power cannot be with them, for they are not for the “kingdom” by their CHOICES, for the “Kingdom” belongs to ALL. All who breathe on the planet… and all who breathe on the planet, must FOCUS upon that which raises Gratitude & Faith (they are the union of MAGIC), Love & Power (Divine) are the MIRACLE MANIFEST of their MAGIC. So BE IT KNOWN UNTO YOU. So.It.Is


Just before we end this post, we may have you KNOW that while we speak for India, this moment of NOW, we are aware of the prayers that are being answered in America and so have not mentioned them, here. We have very powerful channels already in that country, who are being HEALED as she writes, to receive the NOW messages they are RECEIVING to share. WE must also REITERATE, that often CHANNELS and MEDIUM speak to “people” not their vibrations and so, their information is ROOTED in the PERSON they are in communication with and the information they receive, is according to the “EXPERIENCE AND BELIEF OF THE PERSON in that PARTICULAR FORM and their IMPRESSIONS and INTERPRETATION of the NOW from that particular LIFETIME”. It is ADVISED therefore, to seek divine Council from your HIGHER SELF in Prayer and begin your #prayer with

“Dear Eternal Light, let your Gratitude be the WHY I AM HERE NOW  as I surrender to YOUR VERSION OF ME over my VERSION of the NOW of ME… So.It.IS”


Forgiveness Wisdom brings peace, that you may experience Forgiveness Gratitude with Faith as the firm foundation of the NOW! So.It.Is


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