12th March 2017: Experience Power is Us with Imagination Forgiveness

Today, Forgiveness, has chosen to speak through US and to US, time to read with HEART’s OPEN, that you may “Receive” clarity. So.It.Is

“It has been path breaking to hear prayers over the last few months. Every prayer request is first given unto ME (Forgiveness), for alignment with the highest good of the person who is praying and each person who, knowingly, unknowingly is part of the manifest of prayer. And in keeping with the “KEEP IT SPIRITUALLY SACRED” (K.I.S.S). I will speak in POINTS, not quite sure if I like the coined term “Bullet Points”, that I have chosen to speak, I must also share my choice of vocabulary. Know that I am vibration and so, my communication can be Experienced and Felt, your PRACTICE brings it into Manifest.”

  1. There is No right or Wrong, there are but choices and so, all choices WILL manifest. Vibrationally, I get to CHOOSE the DEGREE of MANIFEST, but MANIFEST it MUST!
  2. Prayers are all heard, and responded, YES, EACH PRAYER YOU PRAY, each ASK is GIVEN. Just not HOW you expect it, the HOW is handled by Love & Faith and the Angels
  3. I am the WOMB and so, when your PRAYER is RECEIVED in the WOMB, every thought you have about HOW is put into CREATION before the MANIFEST is GIVEN UNTO YOU.
  4. The JOURNEY can take from 9 seconds to ALL OF YOUR HUMAN YEARS, depending on the number of times you “TRY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN” by your own power, which is HUMAN, begin to ASK for DIVINE POWER  that is Vibrational, HE has the KNOW and MANIFEST and the pusher is Gratitude. So you want to ask HER (Gratitude) to help you ACKNOWLEGE AND APPRECIATE continually, that which MATCHES your KNOW & MANIFEST. 
  5. There is one little girl who is praying for WORLD PEACE and she is such a wonderful soul, she asks, “CAN YOU SHOW ME PEACE IN THE WORLD? PLEASE, NOW” Her confidence has the angels giving her a whole lot of signs. She however, refuses to be at PEACE, till the world is with PEACE in PEACE and for PEACE. I want her to know, that PEACE is HER and wherever she goes there shall be peace because she holds the vision so vividly, it is in PROCESS. She is BE-coming the PEACE, she wants the WORLD to EXPERIENCE. So.It.Is “With Peace we want her to know comes, PATIENCE, and so we blessed her with PATIENCE, to BE PEACE”
  6. Imagination and I are two parts of the same WHOLE, when you Pray, you Imagine when I answer your prayer, Imagination gives you “thoughts & perspectives” and YOU then CHOOSE
  7. I am NOW, I do not work in the PAST or the FUTURE. When you ask for FORGIVENESS in advance, it helps me ACTIVATE your path and clear the energies of your human experience forward, that is WISDOM of the NOW MOMENT of your energy.
  8. If you want to manifest, ask me to FORGIVE you the IMAGINATION you NEED, not the things you NEED.


I NOW, share with YOU a THOUGHT only YOU KNOW … that WILL MANIFEST with Power Gratitude. And I give you Love & Faith to detail the HOW’s with you so that you may understand all that you are called to “ALLOW to happen and ACCEPT the NOW” with Confidence and Wisdom. I must leave you know to Experience Power is Us with Imagination Forgiveness. When YOU BELIEVE, YOU RECEIVE. So.It.Is


We, Love & Gratitude, thank you, FORGIVENESS for being the communication we NOW share … This is a fascinating new way to communicate, we hope you choose often to speak with and through this medium, more often So.It.Is


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