11th March 2017: Experience Prayer with Imagination… Embrace Confidence

It is such a pleasure to receive “prayer”. Prayer is a co-energy of … Eternal Light + Imagination + Forgiveness… so when communicating with the Eternal Light (Creator)… focus on the HUMAN MIND VISUALS… ask for Forgiveness, that whatever your Imagination shows you, may be Divinely Forgiven. This allows you to focus on the ENERGY not the MANIFEST. Yes, till you come to a PICTURE or THOUGHT that you feel good about. In this way, you allow FORGIVENESS the PLEASURE of Deleting, those thoughts and pictures that are not aligned with your HIGHEST GOOD.

Prayer, has been structured for us as a guideline, to assist us, step into “Grace”, the presence of Eternal Light. Once, we’re in the presence, quite literally every thought CAN be given up for Divine Clarity. I have come to experience, prayer as a conversation, such a wonderful time to speak, listen and feel.

During lent, these energies are heightened, because, during this time, heaven allows us to be fully human, make choices and open our heart and mind to our Divine Destiny. Experience what it must’ve been like for Jesus…

We are called to BE who we are… eternally and externally at the same time. Some of the quick thoughts I am being given to share with you to assist you NOW:

  • Do Not Be Afraid of imagining the worst… Remember, today you are in “Grace”.
  • Eternal Light does not need you to be perfect, just BE YOU
  • Every religion is based on assisting you CONNECT with Eternal Light.Imagination.Forgiveness, so, know that no matter WHO you are here on Earth. YOU ARE FIRST A CHILD OF ETERNAL LIGHT, then of your Divine Purpose and then Humanly here to EXPERIENCE creation itself.
  • What ever you choose, ASK Forgiveness to bring you clarity of PURPOSE
  • You don’t have to DO anything to PROVE you are a child of Eternal Light.Imagination.Forgiveness…YOU ARE. So, when you PRAY, no matter which religion you belong to humanly… YOU are invoking the CREATOR… and there is ONLY ONE… Eternal Light
  • To remain in the PRESENCE increase your Gratitude… let Gratitude be your guide… breathe into power with Gratitude… in this way, you begin to see in your imagination the expansion of that which you are GRATEFUL FOR
  • When you increase your Gratitude, you activate Faith and Love into detailing the HOW of RECEIVING.
  • Remember, “Imagination” is your “collection of thoughts becoming things” Embrace it
  • Prayer allows you to “Imagine with Confidence” knowing that which you see in your MIND’s EYE, does not come from BEING HUMAN, this is a GIFT of Being Divine (I personally love this, because, when we pray in Grace, a lot of our thoughts CHANGE quite rapidly and so do the situations around us.
  • Just a quick suggestion, when you pray, pray in QUESTIONS


It is time for me to now leave you and step into “Experience Prayer with Imagination”, that all the things we’ve read together, we may experience and Thank more!

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