Friday 10th March 2017: Welcome to the NOW

An exciting day in the realms today! The Union of Gratitude and Faith on Wednesday elevates Forgiveness to the top of the PYRAMID of Feminine Energy… tadaa! This Femine Triune as a direct impact on Wisdom.

Wisdom we know is the collective feminine energy on the planet, represented by the moon. Mythology, will have you understand that the masculine of the moon is in control, however, that is a misconception, since the moon is feminine energy. Masculine can only GIVE and Feminine Receives and creates. The moon absorbs light from the SUN and in turn creates energetic /emotional shifts in the energy of the Earth. The greatest impact of the moon can be experienced in Water… Tides. That is how impactful the energy of the moon is… the fact that the moon CREATES… makes her feminine.

We also have a deep release energy with the FULL MOON on the 12th of March 2017…. The Feminine in her Full Glory… which means, there is a huge release that is being effected by the energies, WISDOM, NOW Wisdom will be released on the planet. The first effects is the coming together of Feminine Energies to support each other. Heightened Alchemy takes place, we see the effect of the UNION of Faith and Gratitude, begin their magic upon the planet. Women will stop seeing how to elevate themselves to match the masculine energy, instead, fully stand in her POWER with Love! In the same way, the masculine energy reinforces HIS revisioned self, assisting woman to be-come the creator energy manifest.

To simplify it further:

  • Feminine steps into her OWN power, co-creating with her inner masculine
  • Masculine steps into MANIFEST creating space for the Feminine to Birth Earth again
  • Children have heightened Divine Awareness: Listen carefully to their views and allow them the privilege to assist you imagine Heaven as they see it
  • Feminine Energy, steps out of HIBERNATION, which means CREATION is ACCELERATED. ICE-MELTS are a direct impact of the FEMININE ACTIVATION.
  • The CREATED physical is Masculine Energy and the process of creation is Feminine.
  • She births, He is the birthed
  • Call upon the powerful energy of “Experience”… ask yourself… what is it that I am experiencing right now? Be Honest, Listen to the inner wisdom guide you. (these are moments of prayer, not community communication), it is these powerful inner wisdom, that connects you to the birthed likeness of thought
  • in the next 9 days, 10th –19th March: Imagination is the KEY to the experience.
  • Affirm: I know allow accept manifest my highest purpose
  • Affirm: “I am NOW, I am”
  • Choose one of two methods to engage with the NOW. Choose to write and receive or relax and receive. It is important to by Humanly busy, to allow your Divine Higher Self access.
  • Choose a prayer… that you feel connected to… and pray it often
  • Choose a song/title that brings you into FOCUS!


Sending you much Love and Confidence… to assist you through this powerful weekend! Just sharing with you the affirmations for the weekend, as the Masculine Energy begins to Manifest on the planet and align the NOW energies.

10th : Know: Experience Gratitude is US with Imagination

11th : Allow: Experience Prayer with Imagination Confidence

12th : Accept: Experience Power is US with Imagination Forgiveness

13th : Manifest: Experience Forgiveness with Imagination Embrace


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