Women, there’s more to her than meets the "I" or the "eye"… sigh!

To the womb of men, it is time to celebrate the depth of you, we only know the surface of, not yet, the purpose of…

workshop-rite-voor-de-baarmoeder-8717Happy Women’s Day, to you! Ever noticed, 8th of September and 8th of December are key dates of celebration of Forgiveness Faith Gratitude Wisdom Knowledge Courage Abundance of being a woman. Now, 8th of March, is an anointed date for the collective celebration of Women! I have often wondered why the significance of the Number 8, in all that represents KEY aspects of flow, supply, support, motivation and inspiration till 8th of February 2017, gifted me an experience, which changed my perspective view of LIFE!

Having spent most of my life, surrounded by women who chose differently and stood by their choices with the Divine Intercession and Intervention of Heaven, they have lived both the masculine and feminine and gifted the world encouragement, empowerment and confidence, that if they could, we could too as women. I don’t know if any of them protested or marched or even stood on the streets and asked for help, from all I have learnt from them, well, “Pray and God will lead you”. The Memorare over the last month, has become my companion, really, leading my heart to write to you, can’t be a coincidence or is it?

Anyway, on the 8th of February, God led me to be with my sister, to witness, what I would like to call “The Miracle of the Womb”, the first glimpses of a future person. I wish I could explain in words, how privileged we are as women or how just seeing an unborn child can stir the soul. I stood, in awe, as the doctor introduced us to each part of the child, telling us a story of God’s glory. I caught myself, praying the Memorare again, like it is my default setting now internally, giving praise and thanks for a re:introduction to the womb of creation.

This is the Divine journey a woman undertakes upon the earth, holding within her a miracle of life. Thanking the womb that held me, the wombs that held each man upon the earth. The next set of thoughts, I experienced, spoken to my heart in the moment:


“Forgiveness, is the creator’s womb.

Remember, O gracious Virgin Mary“. Nothing else in that moment, just this one sentence and STOP, life went on what I call “Experience Mode”, I felt the deep joy and thrill of a connection to the centre of my heart, filled with a deep resonance of AWE. Till I now am asked as I write to begin again, as I write.

That never was it known, until NOW as I write this piece (for me) or you read this piece and receive, Forgiveness IS the Creator’s womb.

That any ONE who fled to your protection; invoked forgiveness or asked for Divine Support or Guidance.

Implored your HELP or Sought your intercession was left unaided; clearly I receive, that each time we pray, with our eyes closed, we actually replicate our “days in the womb”, we saw nothing, we just allowed ourselves to be led, fed and grow. The womb, is our place of TRUST and Divine in-filling.

Inspired by this confidence; Forgiveness is the Creator’s Womb. For-giveness, for-giving us the ABILITY to both BELIEVE and RECEIVE.

I fly unto YOU; Take a leap of Faith into the depth of the womb for inspiration motivation and wisdom.

O Virgin of Virgins, My Mother; the womb that held creation, the creator womb of Forgiveness. You actually are seated in this moment at the beginning when the command was “Let there be light. That blessed place where you began the long journey to the NOW of your being, the miracle of when you first were seeded, the time God wrote your name and your journey on the palm of his hand. The first KNOW of you. I see clearly, an ‘x’ marks the spot on a palm. Maybe this is an indication, that when we invoke the WOMB, we also invoke the Eternal Light upon our beginnings, the palm is the indication that we were for-given unto the earth by the very moment that eternal light put the spotlight upon your BEING given to the world, a gift.

To you I come, before you I stand; the moment we seek to be led, fed and grow again in you and with you, Divine Creator Father (Eternal Light) and Mother (Forgiveness).

Sinful & Sorrowful; it is a humbling experience for the soul, to be in presence of the very beginning. This moment, isn’t Human, its Divine Reconciliation “brought to books”, reminded that right now we are who the world and our experiences of the world has made us and a reminder that we are in fact, in totality, made in the image and likeness of Eternal Light Forgiveness of God’s Imagination of us and through us upon the planet, to represent, to be the manifest of the “x” of the beginning. In this moment, we are empty, nothing that IS has value, we truly, surrender to a KNEW ENDING in this moment. Sin-Full and Sorrow-full, the moment of Review.

O Mother of the Word incarnate; Emptied of the fullness of your present awareness and the restoration of Divine Connection with ALL THAT IS, YOU. Humbled, into a reality of who you really are, not male or female, just a child in the grand scheme of “thoughts become things”. In this moment, nothing else matters more than allowing the incarnation of the WORD, of you and within you to “handle the HOW of the NOW of your life”, everything seems to blur.

Despise not my petitions; the lamentations of the NOW of my being.

But in your mercy, hear and answer ME; restore my understanding of the Divinity of my being, the wisdom of your knowing of me. That in the manifest of the NOW of ME, how may I bring your infinite Forgiveness and reconciliation to this moment of my human weakness, restore the Eternal Light upon this moment, that Eternal Light may make this moment of my life a testimony of HIS PRESENCE and you, Mother Forgiveness the Creator’s Womb I am blessed to know and now fully remember I am a child of.



rite-of-the-wombIn my human heart, I feel stirred again, this wasn’t my plan for the piece and yet, this is the center of the celebration I now invite you to begin this, Knew.Ending.Year, the K.E.Y, to the future is to restore the sacredness of the Womb Of Men, Forgiveness. She is the seat of wisdom & faith, the root of all that is held sacred. Forgiveness, be our VISION as we step into each day, learning to LIVE the Memorare and celebrate, that which we collectively are, the WORD incarnate of Forgiveness of the Creator’s Womb.

In this piece I feel privileged to write, I ask that we begin again, understanding the legacy of this celebration on Earth, as we now have a glimpse of heaven’s version of Women, the Womb of Men. Yes, quite contrary to what I have ever learned, or understood, writing this piece is a new beginning for me as much as it is for you. I look forward to being given a deep KNEW perspective of Earth as I continue to pray, this version into my life’s testimony. It brings me to stark contradiction of how we celebrate Women’s Day.

On women’s day, the awards, awardees (no offence meant) and the events are designed to isolate and celebrate. Through the history of IWD, I realise, we’re way off the intent and sadly content. While in our homes we pray the rosary diligently, pray the Memorare for Divine Intercession, we have chosen to deal with every issue relating to us, within the comfort zone of our immediate circle of women or a slightly more expanded version in the religious communities we are part of or the extended experiences through the many labels we have given or been given.

It is fascinating to engage with the history of this day, humanly. The grit of the women that redefined the very privileges we now enjoy, began with 15000 women choosing to step out together, that today, we may have the privilege of working shorter hours, better pay and voting rights! 9 years later, 100 years ago, the loss of 2 million Russian soldiers in World War 1, moved the women of Russia, to step out of their homes. Having lost their providers to war and their provisions for sustaining a home, they went on a strike for “Bread and Peace”.

Today we stand on the threshold of a Knew, thought forward, I wonder, in awe, what the celebration is going to be like! What Knew experiences is this journey to the Womb of Men, Forgiveness is going to lead Us.

I ask, that on this day, the 8 of March or after, whenever, the Lord chooses for you to read this. Whether you are a man or a woman (to God, it doesn’t matter who asks, just that there is a prayer request), let us choose to stand up for something, something, that is important for the women of the world meet the divine vision and version of who she truly IS, that changes the way women see ourselves and the world sees us. Let us come together to advocate a parenting revolution or a PRAYRenting Evolution; giving the gift of this prayer to ourselves and others too.

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