March Energy Report: Experience


We are in a month of #Experience… finally!

We have graduated vibrationally over, the month of Love & Faith!
If you notice, even though circumstances are #StatusQuo, the way we react or respond has been different… this is the effect of the Alchemy that the energies/presence of Love & Faith, are here to restore. So.It.Is
As we embraced each day, each shift in Vibration, the Earth has moved itself to a new reality, energetically. While humans still cling on to the passed as their reality… none likes to leave the comfort of “being right even when there is nothing left”

It is fascinating, that the masculine energy and feminine energy, in Alchemy with Faith&Love in February was a gift GIVEN, so that we could enable Embrace with Power&Gratitude of January!
March becomes the Experience of the Alchemy of Embrace! For the first time, I am given to understand, that a lot of us will experience Divine Embrace!
Here is where the shift becomes Individual really, we must #LeanON Eternal Light, God, Creator in all thoughts, things and people! The grandest temptation will be to think/act from the PAST or the FUTURE… the KEY to EXPERIENCE is NOW!
Forgiveness, gives us a KNEW opportunity to declare our #KnewEndings and step into the NOW of what they represent.
That which has held you back becomes the very things that propel you forward, really and this is a gift, we ought to receive!
They also tell me clearly, that Gratitude has asked Eternal Light for a gift… “Alchemy of Religion”, this is a major shift in perspective of the Heart=Earth and will come to pass over the next 9 years, yet, is seeded in the WOMB OF FORGIVENESS, now and the energies of creation, all of them… have for the first time since the beginning, welcomed this with Forgiveness Wisdom and Imagination Confidence.
Expect to feel challenged to hold on to old ways and old hows and old whys… Love&Faith are changing the way we #ReceiveDivineGuidance… flow with it!


Practical Spirituality begins today… Gratitude is US.

1) Focus Question of the month “What emotion am I experiencing NOW?”

2) “Gratitude is Us”, can help you consolidate your “NOW”… What is my Gratitude is US, guidance for the now?

3) 3/10/17/24/31 are Friday’s this month… focus on #GratitudeIsUs for Experiences

4) 4/11/18/25 are Saturday’s, focus on #Prayer … Prayer is the Energetic Trinity of #EternalLight #ImaginationEmbrace #ForgivenessAlchemy

5) 6/13/20/27 are Monday’s, focus on #Forgiveness… Forgiveness is the WOMB of ALL CREATION and her day is Monday… this is the day when GratitudeIsUs & Prayer are seeded.

This for now..

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