February Energy Report: Love & Faith



2 is energetically the number associated with IF (Imagination Forgiveness) or Divine Mother Energy. So, everything that totals to 2 will have special significance and raise the IF factors… which means you/I/we of the planet are on a threshold of #Choices!

The month starts on a Wednesday (Faith) in activation. It is a 1 day (ELI) activation. If Power increase of the vibration of Gratitude was the key energy of the month of January. This month, we see Faith increase and expand LOVE for Power & Gratitude.

It is the month of Divine Alchemy of Divine Embrace with the Masculine Collective and Feminine collective, by the power of IF (choice), to raise the consciousness of the Human Collective to begin to FEEL the method of the Mysterious Madness, we call “evolution”.

We are on the threshold of a number of new vibrational energy alignments this month, each, connected to the Divine Purpose of establishing the KnewEarth (Earth the way she was envisioned by Eternal Light, set into Imagination and For-given unto MAN as his dominion), which has now changed.

To understand that this month, you have a choice to Call upon Divine Alchemy to assist your heart, relax into Embrace the Knew!

This is only the second month of the year, if you have no plans for HOW’s of the month, today is a good day to begin, asking for Increased Effects and Activation of Faith & Love to assist you EMBRACE the racy shifts occurring in the world. Oh Yes! Nothing is making sense right now, but that is exactly what happens when the energies start writing #KnewEndings 🙂

You can choose, to ride the wave or watch the wave or even drown… the choice will always finally be YOURS and so, shall the karmic outcomes and evolution from there on. The greatest path to CHANGE is to sometimes bless the inconvenience and trust that you are ALWAYS in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME, even if WHAT IS LEFT seems too little or too narrow.

Faith and Love, are here to assist the CHANGE… Power& Faith, Love & Gratitude, have chosen to UNITE in a way that UNBLOCKS the JOURNEY forward, this has caused, almost everything to turn on its head, the consciousness of the planet has shifted and the subconscious has been restructured, to seed the CHANGE.

Power now partners with Gratitude energy in the physical realm, BELIEVE RECEIVE activated and in word, you can experience this Divine Embrace, by taking time to make conscious effort to align… your Gratitude consciousness and experience Power Manifest

In the same way, Love now partners with Faith energy in the non-physical or vibrational realm, RECEIVE BELIEVE activated, the experience of which is Divine Alchemy. Take time to notice that which suddenly becomes so crystal clear, that you take actions by sheer, flow of the moment, spontaneous conversations will be life changing. There is a continual awe factor, when experiencing Alchemy, which is the exciting part. However, be warned, that something that will occur are blessed for the soul, yet, the EGO, the MINI ME of your Earth Learnings and Conditioning, will need to consciously be surrendered.

I had an experience, where I chose to see a “pain” area as an opportunity to experiment with “Embrace Alchemy”, the guidance was to acknowledge the pain. I was guided to look up the index of “you can heal your life”, find the “chink” and write down the positive thought affirmation and read it over, while I made a conscious effort to follow through “FINISH WHAT YOU HAVE STARTED”… did one part took a nap focused on the affirmation “I am a decisive person. I follow thought and support myself with Love” and my new found excitement about praying the “Memorare” while I worked on an editorial piece… I cannot remember, how many times I have prayed since the afternoon, all I can tell you, is a few hours later, I rested…. I finished what I started… and yes, the pain is gone, relaxed, as I write this report, another pain is asking for attention and resolution… excited about ROUND TWO, knowing that we’re in February … yay… and in the fullness of Alchemy!

I look forward to sharing more insights with you as I receive them… as for right now… it is 1:44am on the 1st of February 2017!

May Eternal Light Imagination be your guide and Imagination Forgiveness be your chosen IF as you begin a month of growing with Love & Faith Alchemy to Embrace evolution with Power & Gratitude!

In Gratitude is US name we raise Power is US with Love & Faith!



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