January Energy Report: Power & Gratitude

Forgivness (3)

The first month of the year of KnewEndings begins with Power & Gratitude… Wow! The introduction of Power and Gratitude at the beginning of the year of KnewEndings! Came as a surprise to me. Was expecting it to be simpler, really. Then I was given the exciting information, which I now share with you. That you may enter the year with a deeper more power filled gratitude for the vision of Eternal Light, now presenting itself to US!
The deepest fear which rules the earth is FEAR! Fear of OUTCOMES and so we continue to fall prey to man’s version of God over God’s version of Man 😉
Power represents the Divine Masculine and Gratitude is the Divine Feminine, we met them and were introduced to them through the year of Karmic Consolidation, in preparation for what I believed was to be the year of “Knew Beginnings” even till yesterday, but each time I sat down to write… no one spoke with me, no one said a word, the energy was given “Power & Gratitude”… nothing else. So I prayed over … the why, still so human, “Be Still and Know” …. Was all I received. Feeling disconnected and a little distanced, I realised, something important, I needed stillness and so I surrendered… and so, here we are 😀 2nd January, Monday (Forgiveness) 2 is the energy of “IF” (Imagination Forgiveness) and then she speaks and I write, the report in HINTS of the energies not just of this year… but the 9 years to follow… not sure whether I understand everything, yet, definitely, I can feel the excitement that words cannot explain yet… but are effectively creating worlds as I receive… I believe.
There is going to be complete chaos the angels smile, humanity is feeling a sense of DOOM, endings… its like they are waiting for the END of the WORLD and they will be RIGHT! For this time, the end isn’t a physical end… yet… the END IT IS!
It is the end of Human Dominion over everything Eternal Light created and gifted him on the 6th Day of Creation. So.It.Is… Rejoice!
It is also the end of the years of SUPRESSION of the Divine Feminine… Forgiveness… the womb of Eternal Light Imagination. Man traded his subconscious for the power of his imagination and so, created more destruction of Heaven on Earth that creating Earth to be a vision of heaven, since, Eternal Light did create man in HIS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS, which means, each of US on the planet were gifted Imagination with FORGIVENESS which meant using our Divine Imagination to For- Give to the US an experience of Heaven On Earth.
When Man began to USE his CREATOR GIVEN IMAGINATION, he aborted (that which looked like “heaven” and incorporated and beautified the EARTH in accordance to HIS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS) betraying God’s Vision, Cremating all that Forgiveness manifested upon the Earth, and created beauty, man made and man destroyed the sacred womb of creation.
The vibrations of KNOW.ALLOW.ACCEPT.MANIFEST. COURAGE.ABUNDANCE.KNOWLEDGE.EVOLUTION (Confidence and Wisdom) were manipulated by Man’s Imagination… Now that Imagination has been restored, KNEWENDINGS will be effectively aligned! So.It.Is … good news for you who have prayed a miracle upon the planet… be ready for the planet to RECEIVE YOU and your KnewEndings.
The Power now Divinely Intervenes and Intercedes for the Created, and restores Eternal Light blessings, this is the Masculine Shift… Man’s Power subconsciously controlled the created now God’s Power takes over the controls of consciousness of the physical world and restores Faith. In the same way, Gratitude now Divinely Intervenes and Intercedes Man’s Imagination, and restores Eternal Light Forgiveness Blessings, this is the Feminine Shift… Man’s Gratitude consciously controlled the Imagination, now God’s Gratitude takes over the controls of the subconscious of the physical world and restores Love.
This all begins this Month… Power & Gratitude of Knew Endings! From the 1st to the 8th of this month… we’re in Mercury Retrograde, the energy of Re:Move, Re:Store Re:Plan, Re:Turn :
1st day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings: ELI (Masculine)
2nd day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings: IF (Feminine)
3rd day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings : US (Union of Divine Masculine (Power & Faith) & Divine Feminine (Love and Gratitude)
4th day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings: Power
5th day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings : Faith
6th day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings : Gratitude
7th day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings: Love
8th day of Power & Gratitude of the month of Knew Endings: Feminine
The Re:Soultion comes into play on the 9th of January (9 is the number of the Masculine or Physical or Logical …. Alchemy!
10 = 1+ 0 or the 1st Know Allow Accept Manifest into ACTION through ELI!
The days that follow will be the days of the Physical Aspects of Power & Gratitude experiences on Earth till the 19th of January
We step into the finale of the month on the 20th as Eternal Light and IF incorporate KNEWENDINGS with Power & Gratitude into the SubConscious (Feminine) … and Prepare Humanity for the 2nd Month of the year and one more masculine feminine union energy to amplify.include.expand#KnewEndings
So for the next week, focus your heart upon Power & Gratitude and allow yourself to LISTEN…It is more advisable to pray for Power and Gratitude interventions, than to GO WITH THE CROWD… 🙂
Take time to write, read, remember, re decorate, redesegn …. reLAX 😀 Re:Port yourself into the womb of your mother and ImagineAgain!
Wow… this report says too much… Re:Cognise : Re:Connect: ReStore your relationship with Eternal Light.


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