November Energy: Divine Masculine Consolidation



The unfolding of the Divine Masculine on Earth

All that was meant to be reset and reordered has occurred in the month of October… this month we begin receiving the CONSOLIDATION of the year of Karma, this occurs in two parts… This month, the Divine Masculine: Imagination.Power.Love, consolidate, the union energy Eternal Light increases and unfolds through Know:Allow-Accept:Manifest upon the planet.

He enters with flourish and this means, what we CAN experience, is a whole lot of Eternal Love, Eternal Power and Eternal Imagination, which means an increase in the physical experiences of HIS presence and presents.

The WAIT is over, Karmic Consolidation is now complete!

This month, they who have DONE THEIR WORK, we have received a whole lot of tests this year. Each test designed by Eternal Light, to cause & effect our SoulPurpose upon the planet. Every choice we have made has led us to a KNEW experience.

Welcome to the first wave of what will be known as the “Knew Testament” of mankind, as the Eternal Light brings Divine Clarity of Direction, to those, willing to BELIEVE, they are here for a reason. This month we will see an infinite increase in Forgiveness.Faith.Gratitude like we have never seen before… or we were not incarnated to have experienced this before. This year, beginning NOW.

This month sets the tone for the 9 years to follow beginning January 2017. So indulge in Imagination.Power.Love with Confidence of the presence of Eternal Light into your Know.Allow-Accept.Manifest in union with Knowledge.Abundance.Courage.

The OLD masculine energies have been resolved reset and reordered into frequency of the Knew. Expect a shift in scripture and religious practices, more people will emerge to share the mysteries of ONE GOD and many frequencies of him. We are fortunate to be born in an ERA of DIVINE EXPANSION as the SPIRIT of the MOST HIGH, now enters and reestablishes the KINGDOM OF GOD upon the Earth.

This a month when the MONEY energy shifts from MAN (few) to DIVINE (collective) and so every individual experiences a shift in funds. Just a reminder, that no matter who you are… an increase in both GIVING and RECEIVING is a GIVEN this month, invest in the intangible … the tangible is temporary and all set to be re-instated.

The environment receives the Divine Feminine in her fullness and so do they, who have been given the gift of being fully in-tune with Eternal Light. This month we will see an increase in weather transitions, every iota of creation is celebrating the “Knew”! Don’t be too surprised, if while you’re walking in the park, you just feel a whole KNEW clarity about your being here in this time during this massive expansion and inclusion and amplification of Creation!

The big dates this month (just received guidance that each day of this month is very potent. Surrender your deepest desires (without judgment) to the Divine Masculine and allow-accept a manifest, like you have never experienced before. They are also clearly cautioning me, that this is collective blessings and so, everyone receives this in equal measure, they who are thinking collective create collective expansion. However, it is critical in this month to raise the individual bar and so, BE the INCREASE you want the WORLD to experience!

Eternal Love, Eternal Light, Eternal Power to YOU!

Love and Gratitude


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