October Energy Report: ReSet & ReOrder




Today we begin what the future will know as the#CollectiveEra!
This is the first month of the finale trimester of the year of Karmic Consolidation.
It is amazing, what occurred yesterday… wow! I will put up a post on the segments… so you may understand the the increase in both #mercy and#peace
The role of Imagination & Forgiveness, Power&Faith and Love&Gratitude in the #CollectiveEra that begins aligning today and continues aligning for the next 3 months… so as we step into 2017 which is a 1 year… we experience the dynamics of that which has ended and into the beginning of a KNEW 9 year cycle.
October is 1+0 month which means it is a month where the Focus is on the Masculine Energy. Imagination Power and Love (Divine Mercy) Infuses the Human Masculine (Know.Allow-Accept.Manifest) with the Feminine Energy (peace) On Earth (Knowledge Abundance Courage) and Heaven (Forgiveness Faith Gratitude)
November is 1+1 month when the Divine Masculine aligns fully with the Human Masculine. Is the Amplification.Inclusion.Expansion of Divine Peace & Human Peace (Feminine) #Balance of Linear and Non Linear into one Unified Force.
December which is a 1+ 2 month… Masculine in Union (Divine & Human) with the Feminine in Union (Divine & Human) restores #Mercy & #Peace to the#CollectiveHumanMind
This is the forecast for the next 3 months focus of#LoveandGratitude (Who represent Divine Mercy and Peace of Heaven ) and#AllowAcceptandAbundance (who represent Human Mercy and Peace on Earth)
It isn’t therefore a surprise, that the way this year is turning out… that we begin Navratri today and finale this month on Earth with Diwali and we also celebrate Durga Pujo. This is also the month of the Rosary and so Mother Mary is powerfully interceding for us!
So to a month of #Awe!

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