Energy Report for August… It time to begin at the beginning!!

Relationships (2)

Welcome to the 8th Month of the year of Karmic Consolidation which is also the second month of the 3rd trimester of the year.
While the trimester is definitely ruled by the Number 1, the Divine Masculine. So, in the first month the Divine Masculine restored *being child-like* into the DNA energy and this was amplifed back into creation. This month, the second month, the Divine Masculine now re:united with the Divine Feminine includes her energy into the DNA energy.

This is brilliant news for the world, it is a month when the linear amplification includes the non-linear energy into balance with itself.

The feminine energy, means, that there is likely to be the inclusion of emotions and shifts in perspectives… the thing about the feminine energy is that the foundation of her emotions is KEY to her intentions… when based and co-creating with Imagination Power and Love ( Read, vibrationally anchored), her energy seeds/roots are Forgiveness Faith and Gratitude. When her Power.Imagination.Love are anchored in the physical attributes… well… she her energetic creatorship is temporary vain and destructive!!

I was wondering why I was guided to the specific art for the energy piece and it clearly tells me it is time for us to ASK for a deeper more spiritually balanced understanding of the energy of the Knew Earth!! Balancing relationships between the old way of thinking and being and stepping in to the Knew.

Restoring your relationship frequencies with the fascinating frequency of the BEGINNING… beginning of the world… this time around the KNEW WORLD!! It is time to reverse the self-destructive ways of our relationships and re-turn to the FOUNDATION. Oh don’t you worry… does not mean giving up anything you now have and moving to the mountains… or having to suddenly change the way you live… or not dress up and party. I have discovered in my relationship over the last 33 weeks and counting, that there is a grave misunderstanding … we believe… we are “rated in heaven” by our struggles and our poverty and sin… not true. We are rated by our ability to emulate God like balance in our thoughts irrespective of the ‪#‎things‬ 🙂

Not a catch 22… just a simple rule… when our outcomes are focused on God, we receive information, guidance, support and providence that is vibrationally disconnected from our thoughts or the free-will or choices of the others involved in the manifest. When our outcomes is focused on a particular person, our thoughts are and can be manipulated or manipulate and get engrossed, we need to have control over all the aspects of the manifest and so, we invest our mind in a plan, we learn the techniques of manipulation and the core reason why this is karmic dense, is because, ONCE we achieve our outcome/manifest we get so absorbed by it, that we detach with the journey and those we detach with, feel the loss and so, project their unhappiness into our energy… this accumulates and causes our own energetic downfall 😉

It is practical knowledge that beats the theories hollow!! This month, it is time to REVIEW each relationship … begin with yourself!

Here are the 6 review levels

1) Power
2) Imagination
3) Love
4) Love and Gratitude
5) Imagination and Forgiveness
6) Power and Faith

Here’s wishing you a month of brand KNEW relationship manifests. Don’t worry… release… realise… restore and renew your relationship status… first with God, then with all that God created. You will be fascinated by how SIMPLE it is to change everything… one relationship at a time!

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