June Energy of Healing with Eternal Love and Gratitude

WE enter the COMPLETION month of the 2nd Trimester of the year of Karmic Consolidation and the power of “0”, which means, this is the month of Manifesting the INNER WORK of the Months of “Transformation and Manifesting Change… THIS IS THE MONTH of beginning… to SEE… the changes MANIFEST in our COLLECTIVE reality.

This though, is a month of YOU! Your SOUL, your connection with the Divine Spirit and your connection with your Divine Truth.

The exciting part of the month is the temptation to be impulsive to rush in-to something new, instead, we ask you to stay in tune with BREATH!


Number 6 gives people the opportunity to develop a clear idea of right and wrong – and the consequences that link cause and effect. The 6 vibration represents truth, order, justice and economy. 6 people will have many opportunities in their life to learn their responsibilities, and to be of service to humanity.

This is the month to breathe in-to the new reality. The reality that Eternal Love & Gratitude ARE HERE, on the planet, asking you to breathe and receive the wisdom and the Presence, Presents, Presents of DIVINE ALCHEMY.

This month is a 6 month and 6 is a beautiful number to breathe with… it’s the perfect star… or the perfection of two triangles that form a perfect star. This is the month of Wenus or Venus or We’n’Us your choice will determine the outcome.

This is a month of CHOICES and their MANIFESTATION. Divine Alchemy is allowing the Holy Spirit of Love & Gratitude, the wisdom of your SOUL to enter your Human Energetic Field and BE… your main job is to Give Thanks for the synchronicity that you are made aware of … in THOUGHT or THING.

So, you have till the 5th of June, to breathe with your thoughts… to notice how you FEEL about things, don’t draw CONCULSIONS. Conclusions are HUMAN… because, Humans believe in definite/tangible endings and beginnings. In the realm of Eternal Love & Gratitude well, there is only evolution or AMPLIFICATION.INCLUSION.EXPANSION from one energetic COMPLETION to the next energetically and eternally.

Divine Alchemy (2)


So, here’s what you can begin to “feel” about:

  • Feel the urge to expand to someONE new
  • Feel the urge to explore unchartered territory
  • Feel the excitement of tiny miracles you experience… something as basic as breath.
  • Feel your breath expand into a vision (don’t forget to keep your eyes closed, we often speak in visuals so your human mind can understand)
  • Feel the BLESSINGS you already ARE to the many souls who seek your balance to enable theirs
  • Feel the rhythm of synchronicity in your daily routine, there is a sense that everything eventually works itself out
  • Feel the need to both love and be-loved and give thanks for the abundance of feeling, the feeling.
  • Feel your choices, each one of them (even the ones that cause you feel depressed. Remember being depressed is a sign that your body and soul are not resting on the same inference.
  • Feel the feeling of actions NOT TAKEN and GIVE Thanks & Praise to Eternal Holy Spirit of Love & Gratitude for breathing the perfect choice for you in this moment.
  • Divine Alchemy occurs when the “I” of you surrenders to the WE of your SOUL and ACTIONS OCCUR unplanned and beautifully in harmony with the highest GOAL/VISION of your SOUL.

30 days of June is the midway between NOW and the rest of the year… because when we enter JULY, we enter the 3rd trimester of the year of Karmic Consolidation which means the energy of “1”. All the efforts you make ENERGETICALLY, we continually emphasize on ENERGETICALLY be-cause, you the HUMAN is temporary with a definite birth in-to form and death of form and so you often are able to only THINK and ACT short term. However the truth of you is your SOUL VIBRATION which is pure energy and eternal… now expanded into human form as a collective of vibrations… or WORD vibrations… number vibrations… and influencer vibrations… and so, you must choose ENERGETICALLY FIRST, that which you choose to experience and focus on the KEY vibrations that you breathe.

The reason why we are stressing on focus on “Eternal Love & Gratitude” because it is a brand new energy and in choosing to expand your own vibration with this new energy, well, first shifters advantage. At this time, in this month, the vibration is expanding through BREATH (Breath is the eternal sign of LIFE and so, as Eternal Love and Gratitude breathe with you, so do they breathe with your thoughts and as your thoughts breathe they grow into your reality on Earth as it is in HEAVEN)

Heaven is the vast NOTHING from where EVERYTHING begins… so breathe in-to the NOTHING and allow the month of DIVINE ALCHEMY to bring them to life.

Eternal Love and Gratitude and infinite power blessings to you and through your choosing to breathe in-to the new reality and ripple it in-to the Earth.

Much Love & Gratitude

May the Spirit of Love & Gratitude and their vibrational expansion of children be with you as you JUNE your way into the third trimester of this cosmic year of Karmic Consolidation.


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