Introducing the Energy of Healing with Love & Gratitude!

On the 25th of December 2015, the FULLMOON introduced to those who were ready to listen. The news of the Re:Union of the two powerful energies of Love and Gratitude… this they told a lot of us would mark the beginning of the turning point in the Energetic Power Centre of the Earth!

2It also, pointed out the emphasis of “Friday”, as the day of elevated “Love & Gratitude” energy that filters over the weekend… and begins the manifestation process during the run up to the next Friday

Having followed the prompt/inspiration/intuit over almost a 100 weeks before this phenomenal information came through, I began seeing and feeling the difference because the energy would “keep my focus”, or maybe, the fact that I had a few more inspirations connected to it Winking smile which I will share in a later post for the joy of keeping you as “intrigued” as I have been.

Each Friday would introduce me to a new facet/aspect/metaphoric step forward, till one day… I was guided to share the information I received with others too! To be honest, the energy was so powerful on the 25th of December, that I wanted to “announce” and “scream” it out, yet, being human … can sometimes mean, waiting through the big wave to enjoy the wave before you can teach others how to ride the wave.

So here we are… 18 weeks later… writing a blog to be able to share the experience and introduce you to the Giant leap of Power and the tiny miracles that have been “showing up” world wide and personally to AMPLIFY.INCLUDE.EXPAND … Healing with Love and Gratitude!

I, Deepanjali Rao, Welcome you to the the journey from Divine Power of Faith in Love and Gratitude On Earth As It Is in Heaven. Remember, if you are here and reading this, you have felt the prompt of the Angels and they have brought you to this particular place on the INTERNET of all the possible places… you are either asking for directions in prayer to the NEW ENERGY or maybe, you are a part of the Earth team to amplify.include.expand the powerful new possibilities and world expansions that this energy is now gearing up to accelerate. Whatever your reason… WELCOME!

I thank you on behalf of the entire team of Healing of Love and Gratitude… Our Father and Creator… Holy Spirit… Ascended Masters (of all religions and beliefs origins)… Angelic Vibrations… Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine and the ReUnited TwinFlames “Love & Gratitude”!!


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