and the W.o.r.D Be.Came Flesh and dwelt …

and the W.o.r.DWomb.Of.Revelation.Darkness Be.Came Flesh and dwelt… withIN. #Us SHE revealed heaven to me… and since I’ve been wanting to tELl it on the Mountains! Discovering heaven made my heart come alive and my soul, I think did a “Happy Dance”. The beauty of this place, is darkness, you cannot see any-thing… yet you feel…Read more and the W.o.r.D Be.Came Flesh and dwelt …


“You are GIFTED to See, Open your I’s”

He never ceases to amaze my heart. Love is asking us, each of us, to “open our I’s.” H.e speaks from his Eternal Authority, when he first made his presence felt on the planet, H.E was born a man, lived amongst us, that HE may experience the every Thought.Emotion.Action that drive the Human Race to…Read more “You are GIFTED to See, Open your I’s”

Contradictions have begun to surface!!

G.o.D is slow to Action yet SURE to ACTION! It isn’t a surprise, that people are being caught out for the contradict.action stances taken over a period of the last 3 years… 8, 9, 1 … in the 8 year (2015 –2017) have been years where there was PRESENCE, CHOICE, now the year of SHE……Read more Contradictions have begun to surface!!

Power.Gratitude in Union introduce Darkness

Power.Gratitude, begin their Us journey as ONE with Eternal.Love of Thoughts.Emotion.Action of Eternal.Faith.Womb. I know it reads a little complicated today, yet, over the next few days, you’ll come to see and understand their presence. They are the Union of Power.Gratitude… the Power of Eternal (Masculine) and Gratitude of Darkness (Feminine). I know and understand,…Read more Power.Gratitude in Union introduce Darkness

Energy Upgrades and Updates

Focus on Breath and Birth … Be.Leave the REST to ME! The beauty of the blessing we can CHOOSE to RECEIVE if we Be.Leave the need to control that which is outside of Us. She is setting the foundation of the and you are given a perfect opportunity to review your perspective and choices.…Read more Energy Upgrades and Updates

Two Words Two Worlds!!

Two Words: Responsibility and Accountability, Two Worlds Response.Ability and A.Count.Ability come up for review this weekend. Darkness, reckons the Human Race has distorted the purpose of these two words… it was never a GIVE word, these two were RECEIVE words or CHOICE words. Each time you make a CHOICE of Thought.Emotion.Action you receive with it…Read more Two Words Two Worlds!!

The Union of Separate.Action

A lease line has been given, the word Separation is released into the Earth.Heart energy. Separate.Action is the foundation vibration of Separation. The truth of the energy is that there will always be SEPARATE.action to begin with, separation is but a Human interpretation. To be able to look at life objectively, you need to SEPARATE.actions…Read more The Union of Separate.Action