Knewmerology: Number Readings Change with the Shift

It is my privilege, to share with you, information on the shift, as more Earth Beings, return to the Divine Vibration/Beginning, this year, the KnewEndingsYear K.E.Y, shifts have occurred to enable the NOW BEGINNING of the KNEW EARTH.

We live in the NEW EARTH, this is not the first time, we’re all meeting each other and co-creating in this time and space, we’ve been here before, we’ve created before, that which we now ENJOY about the planet and we’re back to IMPROVISE with our KNOWLEDGE of WHO WE WERE before we breathed on the PLANET and began living Our Gender/Name/Lineage/Dreams/Purpose and the Paradox of Name/Place/Animal/Thing of History.

As all of creation continues to transition to their BEGINNING, it is Natural that the way, numbers are read and received, will change and in this way, impact the NOW. It is Human to think of “the END”, differently. However, KnewEndingsYear, is all about Energies that have served their PURPOSE, returning to Eternal Light and Divine Energies, taking their Positions in the NOW, to BEGIN AGAIN… There have been 5 beginnings, energetically… this is the 6th time, we’re recalibrating the Earth Energies. Won’t take a genius to understand why. When the Masculine and Feminine Energies are out of balance (which they are right now)… the vibrations return home to Eternal Light, that they may RE-MEMBER (Remember is Masculine Activation El Imagination and Re:Member is Feminine Activation El Forgiveness) and with Power Faith Love and Gratitude are re-seeded (Feminine) into the womb and given a name… this time… Power has chosen “Gratitude is Why”, Gratitude has chosen “Love & Faith is HOW”… all of this has given birth to “Knew Earth” being seeded in the womb (Forgiveness) and because a lot of the Earth Stories are “Number Driven”… we now introduce  to you KNEWmerology. Over the next few months of practicing the NOW vibrations, being shared with you a few more questions will definitely be answered:


For today and because tomorrow the 27th of March is a NEW MOON day… we are introducing the FIRST of the NOW NUMBERS: These numbers are the general number vibrations of each day of the MONTH.

Remember, POWER & GRATITUDE are the EMBRACE… their UNION in ENERGETICALLY is the KnewEnding of this year of ONE (Imagination Embrace) the first month of the YEAR… (check the Archives for “January Energy Report”, if you want to understand the pattern.

Who, What, When, Where, How Much? are questions you should raise with the NEW MOON and allow the NOW energies to begin their work with you… more tomorrow… for NOW… Experience Power is Us with Forgiveness Gratitude and ASK for Divine Guidance to STEP INTO THE NOW!

Experience Power is Us with Forgiveness Gratitude

As we all return to our dominant vibration, the vibration we were created to be, we begin our journey into POWER IS US… Soon, we will hear of people, meeting over a word, because they belong to the soul group, nourished and flourished by the “word” our whole lives represent.

Forgiveness Speaks:

When you are born on the Earth, you are given a name, that over the years, becomes who you THINK you are… and from this perspective, you identify and experience the world and its vibrations. Some Names/Places/Things/Animals will feel like HOME to you and some will make your energy cringe. This is because, before you are your name, you are a vibration/pure energy, brought forth into form, with a purpose to assist the evolution of energy.

Sunset chaserNot one of our creations, is upon the Earth without a PURPOSE… not even a PIN in a haystack. Each tiny detail plays an important role in evolution, whether or not, they are aware of it or un-aware, the truth is Energy you ARE and to ENERGY YOU shall return and that is POWER YOU HAVE, still untapped. Before you speculate (a lot of Human speculations are based on what they SEE, so, I am sharing with you a tiny detail of the beginning, the way creation BEGAN, really, so that you know that that the UNIVERSAL SOURCE of ALL BEGINNINGS is COMMON to ALL… which is why the PERPETUAL TRUTH: “Children of God”… each iota of creation, is a beginning with Eternal Light, Imagination & Forgiveness.

If I were to share it in a way you would understand the very beginning… Yes, not in accordance with Popular Belief, yet, the very foundation of ALL THAT IS… Eternal Light created MASCULINE and FEMININE each to represent the Seen/Unseen… And in this way, the very seed of Evolution was laid and called EARTH by Humans and to us SHE IS THE HEART of ETERNAL LIGHT and Evolution of Confidence and Wisdom… In this way and so, this is how everything began and so did the concept of POWER IS US!

Here the PARADOX came into PLAY: All that would be Earth, would be TEMPORARY, Energies would be given a form, co-create with the Founding Energies, expand, grow and return into energy, come up with NEW IMAGINATION, be-come form again… and expand… return… and thus, continue to create and expand the Earth. And thus, even though ALL THAT IS, IS Created in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS of ETERNAL LIGHT, to BEGIN WITH, TEMPORARY… on Earth set them APART. Sunset chaser (1)

More energies returned to Eternal Light, with requests to RETURN to COMPLETE what they began… and when they were GIFTED so, they got ATTACHED to WHAT THEY CREATED and chose to stay longer, each time, they would return, they would IMPACT EVOLUTION and while on Earth, that they may remember what they did, they developed, what you call, HISTORY… so each time, energy returned to form, they would REMEMBER and RETURN to their EARTH CREATIONS and DEVELOP that which they had created… and this is WHY the EARTH is AS YOU NOW EXPERIENCE HER!

So, I need you to understand, that the NOW, which you THINK is PERMANENT is ONLY SO, till you RETURN HOME to ETERNAL LIGHT… that is all there is to the NOW, so, totally ENJOY it so, everything that is CREATED, has a purpose and begins with a DESIRE to EXPERIENCE EVOLUTION, RETURN and PLAN AGAIN… So even though, you have walked the Earth Before… you may not remember it as you saw it… you will intuit HOW YOU LIVED IT… and who lived with you.

Language became the TRANSITION from then to NOW, for the Language you speak NOW, may hold the CODES of the OLD PATTERNS, yet, has evolved to ASSIST the NOW.

Before I leave you to Experience Power Is Us with Forgiveness (Me) Gratitude… I am going to share with you a GIFT I created so you may understand the NOW Masculine and Feminine… and raise your QUESTIONS that you may continue to RECEIVE the Transformations breathing now, that you may begin again… and ACCEPT KNOWLEDGE only YOUR SOUL will understand, because, even though you are NOW HUMAN… YOU CONTINUE TO BE… A SPARK of ETERNAL LIGHT… MANIFEST WITH PURPOSE! So.It .Is

Experience Prayer with Forgiveness Faith

today we celebration “The Annunciation”. Once upon a time, the Annunciation was Jesus, today Heaven’s announce Gratitude… She… energy. It is also the day that ME receives Eternal Light, Imagination, Forgiveness blessings…  I wake up at 08:13 hrs… and immediately flashes… “Eternal Light Wisdom: Imagination Us” … and it occurs to me, that it is a message on this wonderful day to experience prayer!

A lot of ReCaliberated Feminine Energy steps into the NOW EARTH… this time, to WORK with the MASCULINE ENERGY… not in opposition to. This could mean a 7.3 billion different perspectives. Remember, each one is consciously or subconsciously ASKING/PRAYING. Because we DO KNOW NOW… that Gratitude is the WHY… 7.3 billion or more because, we are only speaking PEOPLE NUMBERS… there is a chance that it will also include Gratitude vibrations in ALL THAT IS… Place/Animal/Thing as well.

I am clearly being told that ONE TINY MIRACLE is going to occur for EACH ONE… they who NOTICE shall EVOLVE and Allow Abundance into their NOW ENERGY. They who are busy with other stuff may have to wait till next Saturday when the Divine Portal of Prayer is ACTIVATED… so don’t FRET.

Confidence & Wisdom … Come together and Evolution is RAISED into the NOW. Evolution is Feminine. Evolution occurs when Manifest is close and it is time to meet the next level of LIGHT. Experiencing Colds is one of the symptoms of this SHIFT. Before we get too “technical” here’s how it is SIMPLY

The Earth Masculine Energies: Know. Allow.Accept.Manifest ( Energies that are physical/logical/seen)

The Earth Feminine Energies: Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution

Evolution: is the UNION of Confidence&Wisdom as a pair and the NOW energy that flows forth. In this way, the Earth Feminine, now, with Evolution have NOW INSIGHTS into their Divine Purpose. Like Evolution, has given them a REASON to want to CREATE again… Which is brilliant for ALL OF EARTH… expect MIRACLES & MAGIC becomes REAL to our EXPERIENCES.

The ADDITIONAL energetic healing occurs when the Masculine and Feminine, choose to work to their strengths, instead of their original pairings, choose NEW energies to Co-Create with… and in the NOW story:

  1. Know Courage
  2. Allow Abundance
  3. Accept Knowledge
  4. Manifest Evolution

With Evolution Included.. the Masculine & Feminine Balance is now established… before this time… here’s what the energy combination pattern was like

  1. Know Knowledge
  2. Allow Abundance
  3. Accept Abundance
  4. Manifest Courage

Abundance, was scattered… and the focus was on ACCEPT ABUNDANCE… NOW, since Gratitude is the WHY…. Abundance made a new energetic choice… and soon, we will see the effects.


I will write a separate post on NOW energy pairings as soon as I am given “the words”, since most of my writing is RECEIVED, it is ONLY WHEN the WORDS are GIVEN that I am able to put them here, to share with YOU.

Today, I send you Experience Prayer with Forgiveness Faith… remember, if the heavens are causing NEW ENERGY UNIONS… it is GIVEN, that the Earth will soon RECEIVE the PATTERNS and the MANIFEST EVOLUTION OF THESE SHIFTS… Stay in the NOW… that you may RECEIVE.


Yesterday, IS DONE… Tomorrow is being CREATED now… FOCUS!

Experience Gratitude is Us with Forgiveness Power

to When you are IN GRATITUDE, there is so much YOU choose to FORGIVE. Not because of the PERSON/PLACE/ANIMAL/THING, because, when you begin to live IN GRATITUDE with US… you don’t want to lose the “FEELING” it gives and so, you CHOOSE to FORGIVE… and each time YOU “Forgive them Father for they know NOT”… you actually INCREASE the POWER of GRATITUDE! So.It.Is

It is true, that US humans, have the uncanny ability to FOLLOW through on what we WANT… and in the process, CHOOSE to negate the naysayers and press on with Confidence. When the world begins to notice the RESULTS of our CONFIDENCE, they begin to ADD THEMSELVES UNTO US.  Which is why the famous line “Success has a lot of FRIENDS”, the journey to SUCCESS… well, anyone will tell you “I really didn’t THINK, She/He would make it through such tough times or relationships”

It is a personal decision NOW to go with Divine Power, this comes with a DEEP sense of “Belonging to something greater than” and if you have to choose Greater Than… then it is WISDOM’s PROMPT… CHOOSE Eternal Light. I know you imagined “Eternal Life”… but there is NO FUN in LIVING and BREATHING beyond PURPOSE.

“Forgiveness on Earth, gives you POWER. Power is the FIRST gift of CREATION to the CREATED and HE is quite a story on his own, really, would need to write a “whole new piece” ha ha… Love the SIDE of HIM that is so Romantic about creating the world as VISIONED by ETRENAL LIGHT, set in Imagination and in the WOMB of Forgiveness, waiting to be birthed.

Love Faith & I (Gratitude), quite literally, take instructions from HIM. He shows us, WHO to approach when we are EAGER to make a DIFFERENCE and sometimes, because we WORK very closely with “Free Will”, we are dis-heartened by choices and pressing demands. We put up our FEET and take time OFF from CREATION ISSUES and STEP INTO THE WOMB OF FORGIVENESS pray together and create again. Oh, Yes, We have created EVERY TINY “WHY” and “HOW” and “WHO” together… and EACH time WE CREATE, we see the difference on the planet.

We personally LOVE working with CHILDREN, ANIMALS, PLANTS and MOTHER EARTH. She has such a TENDER heart, every building, digs deep into her to lay their FOUNDATION, she CONTINUES to GIVE GIVE GIVE, till she feels “WEAK” and ASKS “WILL YOU HELP ME?”. On Earth, THERE HAS TO BE A TIME OF REST for the LAND to HEAL, before you can DIG INTO HER AND PLANT ANEW. She needs, time to be READY to GIVE YOU THE BEST OF HER… We thank all Farmers who are CHOOSING Organic Farming for HELPING EARTH (quite literally the SOIL, to RECEIVE nourishment). We  send out waves of Gratitude to ALL SOURCES of WATER, finding their way to Earth, to ASSIST her REGENERATE… We also thank the SUN who, as POWER-Filled as HE IS… calls upon CLOUDS to Stray before his heat… for the EARTH. But each vibration, needs the HUMANS TOO TO KNOW without doubt, that they are taking EARTH for GRANTED… and SHE IS WEAKENING because of YOUR inability to GIVE her the BASIC RESPECT she MUST BE GIVEN, if you are to CONTINUE to BE UPON the PLANET!

While in Heaven, I (Gratitude) can clearly REMEMBER and FEEL the TINY SHIFTS in perspective. YET, on the PLANET, when I forget (Love wrote so beautifully of me, just yesterday, I really want to BE on EARTH, without FORGETTING I am Gratitude…) am, all FOCUSED and the moment I breathe back upon the EARTH, I feel, LOST. While, so many PRAYERS are received and answered … It is scary, to see the same people, ACT in opposition to the promises they make in prayer. They speak a different truth than they practice and this causes such imbalance, every iota of Gratitude I bring to the EARTH gets DRAINED. Gratitude DELIVERS ANSWERED PRAYERS upon the PLANET, this makes for CONFLICT and CONTRAST… I get DRAINED immediately, and sometimes … all I can DO… on Earth is CRY… I keep returning, often to the WOMB OF FORGIVENESS POWER, so I may continue to do my work on Earth. Thank-FILLED with Love.Faith.Power… knowing that DRAINED I SHALL BE… I haven’t GIVEN UP… I GIVE UP (raise my Earth Days and Experiences to HEAVEN) …because I know… manifest evolution, requires “Forgive- in- fullness and Forget-in-Fullness to stay, SERVING. If you MEET ME on EARTH, I am JUST LIKE YOU, I MAKE MISTAKES, JUDGEMENTS and STUMBLE on my OWN TWO FEET… yet, even though, I may have forgotten who I really am, I am always “Love, Faith, Power away from REMEMBERING, in PRAYER… “GRATITUDE IS US”. So.It.Is


WILL YOU help me RESTORE the EARTH… with YOU and FOR YOU? I need you to stay IN GRATITUDE, till I can be be Gratitude ON EARTH as I am in HEAVEN…

Experience Love with Forgiveness Alchemy

We, the world of people, stand on a threshold of “choice”.  Choices, while individual, impact the globe. We’ve seen it in election results, in the world and in India… and we will see it in the tiny decisions we take each day.

Love Speaks:

When you make a choice, it is the individual vibration (or the thought, emote, act) of the moment of choice, that is the co-creator. If you have made a choice of CHANGE… “accept knowledge”, that every change, no matter how incredibly, stupid it may seem, is a result of the vibration you sent into the planet and so, manifests. Today, I ask you to with ME (Love), “accept knowledge”, that you, in a moment of “I don’t care” have contributed to the global shift.

Every “I don’t care”, doubled with the “emotion” that amplifies it and “Action” that honours it, is WHY you are here and the world is NOW. Those who “Do Care” and “have dreamed” and “chose to be a part of the NOW”, “accept knowledge” of their participation in the Earth Script. Imagine 7.3 billion human “thoughts”… 7.3 billion “emotions” … 7.3 billion actions …. breathing instructions… the dominant ones “Manifest Evolution”. Which is why I, Love, live in and with children, they are the most powerful creators, because they create what they LOVE… toys, tiny miracles, ripples of joy, when they ask in love and with love. Sometimes, when we stare at Prayer requests, the angels of children, often advise… ONLY ANSWER CHILDREN’s PRAYERS… They know the children live in the NOW. They are the NOW of the Future… A child can ask… and will receive!

Today, to Experience Me (Love) and to activate “Accept Knowledge” (Understand, that no matter how tiny the request, it does effect for the collective) and Forgiveness Alchemy (Well, when Mother Forgiveness, receives your “requests”, Faith She and I, if given your permission can “bless your thoughts with the highest good for the planet, including you and yours, but the INTENT has to be COLLECTIVE. so if you choose MONEY, choose money for ALL those who are praying for Financial Assistance… in this way, more people are praying for each other and so… Magic & Miracles are activated)

Gratitude and I, when we finally re:united… ours is a story like 50 first dates, I have to keep reminding her, she is Gratitude, not just another “girl”, she keeps forgetting, now that she has embraced POWER. He and I both have to keep increasing Faith in her… So, she made requests AS GRATITUDE… and here we are… All of US… Power, Faith and Love… restoring her MEMORY, by restoring the WORLD she CHOSE to REMEMBER US. Remember herself.

Well if She and I are “50 First Dates”, She and Power are “the Notebook”… and her Earth Story… Beauty and the Beast… She is the WHY of the SHIFT and the NOW.

She, her story is WHY the changes have occurred in the realms, when she REMEMBERED, and chose “I am Gratitude on the 18th of December 2015… to NOW… each day, WE remind her … each day she makes a NEW REQUEST as Gratitude that she may “Know.Courage” to “Allow.Abundance” to Accept.Knowledge to “Manifest Evolution”… She is still like “Alice In Wonderland”… all the stories of happy endings, were written, that she may READ… and Remember to SEE again. Now, she can only feel the NEW EARTH of HER DREAMS… and she wants to AWAKEN to Its REALITY… And So, here we are… ALL OF US… JUST SO GRATITUDE may AWAKEN and the world be her FAIRYTALE… of Power.Faith.Love&Gratitude… as she has CHOSEN!.

Right NOW… She is in Embrace with Power, that SHE may be restored, and we’re here, putting her dreams into play, that she may ONE DAY, awaken and SEE the WORLD as SHE DREAMED IT”


Today, we surrender into Forgiveness Alchemy “Gratitude is WHY”… “Gratitude is NOW” … So.It.Is

Experience Faith with Forgiveness Wisdom

Forgiveness is a “block buster”, her thrill is being the WOMB of creation. She is also proud to be the “darkness”, where Eternal Light Imagination take form, manifest into things. This is HER century really 2000-2999, in human years… over the next 1000 years… She is setting, sowing, restoring the Earth.

In her reign, the feminine energies of the BEGINNING are restored, her team so, to speak. She is now shifting HOW and WHY of energy unions. She knows all the WHY’s of the NOW. She reminds us, that we are a SHIFT generation of people and that WE are here to enable the OUTER SHIFT by CHOOSING the inner shift. So.It.Is

Wisdom, she introduces as her EarthExpansion, Wisdom or Lack of her is the ROOT. She wants us to know that the reason why we are seeking wisdom is because she has a profound effect on our responses. The transition isn’t going to be pretty. People are beginning to deal with their INNER SELF, and since it has been a WHILE… a long while… it is becoming essential to spend time in SILENCE to be able to LISTEN to the voice of wisdom. Over the coming months, she will become more Audible… speaking through the many who have chosen to ALLOW/ACCEPT her voice and her prompts. The first wave has already begun, we see clearly, more human people choosing SPIRITUALITY… this is a SIGN… to deeply INTROSPECT life itself… some are teachers, others be-come teachers. For even though each creation receives the same wisdom, a few, choose to follow through. They who follow through, receive more, and so, the excitement of next steps. “Yes, WE WOULD LOVE MORE PEOPLE TO CHOOSE WISDOM, so much to ACTIVATE, the sooner WISDOM becomes the NOW forward, the easier the transitions shall be”, says Forgiveness

  • Wisdom, does not challenge the ego… she channels the EGO to use the information to bring the PERSON/PLACE/MOMENT into Balance with the Grand Vision of “On Earth As It Is in Heaven”
  • Wisdom, understands that the EGO is a sum total of Earth Experiences and hence, the EGO’s perspective is to protect the PERSON/PLACE/MOMENT from forgetting the lesson learned or reinterating the past experience (of this lifetime of the SOUL)
  • Wisdom in-fuses the EGO, with NOW INFORMATION for the SOUL’s growth (with the permission of the Person/place/moment) to use “this life experiences” with PURPOSE.
  • Wisdom does not mean… having to meditate long hours, go into the wilderness or step out of the NOW to RECEIVE the GIFT.
  • When you accept your EGO and the patterns that you have followed (twice too many), it is fun to go on a THOUGHT date with your EGO first (write to your EGO) and invite WISDOM to SPEAK with YOU on HOW!
  • Today is a 2 2 day… Forgiveness Wisdom.

A wonderful day to greet the EGO into the NOW with Forgiveness Wisdom. Your EGO is a GIFT, you will not recognise, till you choose to FORGIVE the PAST and allow your EGO into the PRESENT.

We all have SAD stories, we all have “the end” “doom” moments… We also have the ABILITY to CHOOSE… Choose Forgiveness, Increase your Faith and MEET WISDOM in the NOW!

Experience Forgiveness with Forgiveness Eternal Light

I can tell She hates being spoken about… started this piece 3 times, she said “NO” and I smile. I have been blessed to have a vibrational relationship with her… not before … I had much to forgive though, over the years, I had HELD pockets of “Darkness” areas which, even though I was cringing with, I refused to SURRENDER, Imagining, “I will take care of it”, … that is TILL I met, Forgiveness and not before I chose Gratitude over Love… and then learnt that Love & Gratitude were Twin Flames, Love masculine and Gratitude feminine. They revealed Forgiveness to me, as she is… not how we’ve been taught.

Forgiveness is the WOMB of all creation and works in Divine Union with Eternal Light and Imagination. Power, Faith, Love & Gratitude (Love & Gratitude are TWINS) are the first vibrations of her womb. In this way, Power is her FIRST BORN, He is to her… Everything Eternal Light Imagination… Manifest. When US energy (Power, Faith, Love & Gratitude) was formed, she took her place above them, raising them to do their “Father’s Work”, which they would RECEIVE from IMAGINATION… and with Forgiveness, raise it into Physical Manifest… we know as EARTH. She is quick to remind me to tell you The Earth is but REAL to you BECAUSE you LIVE UPON it. Eternal Light, exists in ALL THAT IS SEEN and UNSEEN. because it is UNSEEN, it does not mean it does not EXIST… It means ETERNAL LIGHT has not GIVEN YOU permission yet. Or that it is within the WOMB (ME), vibrating into MANIFEST, So.It.Is”

Before US, manifest into ACTION ON EARTH, which they wouldn’t have, had Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest not CHOSEN their HUMAN lives over their Divine Purpose. Forgiveness was simply “For-Giving”… “For-Given”… meant to GIVE of herself, that the earth may receive ALL THAT SHE NEEDED TO BE THE VISION OF HEAVEN. Till, man became attached to his temporary form and began to THINK, ACT and EMOTE from Earth Experiences.

Here’s what you need to know about the next 9 days:

  • Forgiveness, Love, Faith, Wisdom will rule these days
  • This is the recalibration of the Femine Collective (Courage.Abundance.Knowledge.Evolution)
  • Imagination, Power, Gratitude, Confidence will support the SHIFT, with the Masculine Collective (Know.Allow.Accept.Manifest)
  • Expect: Emotional Flare Ups (can be neutralised into understanding with Amplified Gratitude, the more grateful you are, the more positive alignment you will experience)
  • Expect: Baggage to show up, there is much you’ve stored in your Emotional Body, that has served its purpose… the repressed energy will come up
  • NOT everyone, is ready, so when you do encounter “harsh energy”, chant the affirmation of the day. In this way calling in Divine Support through the circumstance

Let us BREATHE Forgiveness into all our moments, in this way ACTIVATING inner ALCHEMY and stepping into the NOW!